How Fundraising Helps

Find out how your MS Readathon fundraising goes towards helping those living with multiple sclerosis

All the money you raise from friends and family who sponsor you when you enter the MS Readathon goes to help people in Australia living with multiple sclerosis.

Read on to see how your support can make life a little easier for people affected by MS.

$ Amount How it Helps
$50 Will help a newly diagnosed person attend an 'Understanding MS' information session where they can learn about their diagnosis and get much needed support.
$150 Will enable a person to buy in much needed practical domestic supports during periods of relapse.
$250 Will pay for a physiotherapy assessment for a person living with MS, including a home program of exercises and a review.
$350 Will fund a home visit to a person living with MS to discuss their needs, develop an individual plan that addresses their symptom and lifestyle needs and link them into relevant services.
$500 Will enable a person to attend a series of psychological counselling for individuals experiencing depression relating to their diagnosis of MS.
$750 Will fund an in-home carer to provide personal and domestic help over a weekend while a family carer has a short break.
$1,200 Will enable a person to have a neuropsychological assessment to identify thinking & memory changes related to MS and a management plan.
$1,900 Will help a person living with MS buy an air conditioner to help relieve MS symptoms made worse by summer heat.
$5,500 Will help a person living with MS buy an electric scooter so they can independently move around their local community.
$10,000 Will fund a visit to a rural area by our team of health professionals to conduct education and consultations with people living with MS, their families and local health professionals.
+$10,000 We will be pleased to talk to you about the full scale of our services to people with MS and how your donation can help.