Bosko MS Readathon mascot

Bosko's World

Meet Bosko – MS Readathon’s very own mascot and biggest fan

Image Bosko is our very special MS Readathon mascot. As we didn't know what to call him, we held a competition and a very clever 11-year-old, Aleisha, called him Bosko because: "it has all the letters of the word BOOKS in it which is what MS Readathon is all about".

Bosko loves reading books more than anything in the world, and, of course, he's a HUGE fan of the MS Readathon! When she is not reading, Bosko visits schools and makes special appearances, and loves to keep busy with activities and puzzles. He also loves to visit different places and explore - have a look at the photos of some of her adventures! And if you have a photo of Bosko out and about, make sure to send it to so we can put it on our website, too!

Find out more about Bosko - like what's his favourite food, or what language does he speak?