Fundraising Tips

Here's a few tips to help you fundraise

Personalise Your Fundraising Page!

It helps if the people who sponsor you understand why you are fundraising. Why not upload your own photograph, and explain why you are trying to raise money and how the money you raise will help. Keep a blog to keep your sponsors up-to-date and engaged.

Set A High But Achievable Target

You may be surprised by how deep your friends and family will dig to help you reach your goal. Set an ambitious, but achievable target. You can change this on your fundraising page any time.

The First Email & the First Donation

Send your first email to your most generous supporters, before asking others to donate, to encourage a high value first donation. Or you (or mum or dad) may want to consider making the first donation yourself.

Email Sponsors and use the 'Share On Facebook' Facility Within Your Fundraising Page

Use the "Send Email" facility on your fundraising page to contact your supporters or copy and paste the URL from your fundraising page (your fundraising page web address) into your own email system. You can send out several emails at once. You should also make use of the 'Share on Facebook" section within your account dashboard. You can share your page on Facebook and even Tweet your friends and followers - just make sure that, if you are under 18, you check with your parents or guardian first.

Change Your Email Signature

Consider changing your email signature at work and/or at home to add a line at the bottom that includes the web address of your fundraising page.

Make Sure You Contact All Your Potential Supporters

Don't forget to contact any other groups you may have connections with: former colleagues, old school and college friends, friends who have moved out of the area or overseas, members of sporting clubs you belong to, or committees you are part of. But please note that we do not encourage children to approach strangers for donations.

Update Your Fundraising Page & Send a Follow Up Email

People mean to donate, but sometimes it gets pushed to the bottom of the inbox and they forget. It usually takes more than one round of emails to nudge everyone into action, so don't feel embarrassed about asking people again. To update your fundraising page, log in to your account by entering your username and password (which you set when you set up your page). You can then change your fundraising page by posting a new photo, and by updating your blog and reading list (in the My Story section). Tell everyone about the most recent book you have read and how much money you've raised so far. Then re-send the link to your updated page by email.

Ask to be Included in Your Parents' Website Or Newsletter

Lots of companies encourage staff (and their families) to participate in charitable events and fundraising, so ask your parents if their work would be willing to include something about you on their website or the intranet, or company newsletter. Some companies offer a donation-matching scheme, where they will match the amount of money an employee raises, so they may want to join your team!

Contact MS Readathon For a Letter Of Authority

Whether you want to hold an afternoon tea, second-hand book sale or approach local businesses such mum or dad's hairdresser or accountant to support your fundraising, you will need a Letter of Authority from the MS Readathon to do so. Contact us on 1300 677 323 and we will help you with this.

Put Up a Poster or Hand Out Flyers

You can request posters and bookmarks by calling 1300 677 323 - or why not print off a poster from the website download page. You can then put these up at your local sports centre, supermarket or school, gym, post office or anywhere else you can get permission. Use the poster to ask people to visit your fundraising page and support you.

Don't Stop Fundraising When the Event Finishes

A surprising number of donations are received after the event has finished, so don't stop fundraising when your reading is over. Instead, why not update your fundraising page again and email it to your contacts. It's a great way of letting those who have supported you know you have achieved your goal, and of prompting anyone who still hasn't donated to do so.

Run a Fundraising Event Or Hold a Stall at Your School

Ask your school if you could organize a fundraising event or hold a school stall. You could run a reading challenge such as reading while balancing on one leg, reading for an hour, reading with your buddy or dressing up as your favourite story book character. Don't forget to ask all participating students to bring a gold coin donation. Or you could run a second-hand book stall and have all donations go towards fundraising for the MS Readathon.

Social Media Fundraising Tips

Facebook is a great way to tell your story to people who will be interested and support you. If you are 13 or over or if your parents have a page:

  1. On Facebook, 'Like' MSREADATHON
  2. Status updates are easy. Post regularly and often. The golden rule is don't just post the URL on its own. Add in a sentence or two telling the reader why they should sponsor you.
  3. Tell the story through photos. Upload pics and tag them. 
  4. Get personal and tell your story through Facebook Messaging. Writing to people individually, or in segments, will yield much better results than sending the same message to everyone. 
  5. When someone donates, thank them on Facebook. Wall-post a thank you note - it acts as a thanks AND a reminder to others in the news feed that they need to sponsor you because other people are. 
  6. When your activity is over, don't forget to thank people collectively and individually. Let them know in as much detail as you can, how much of a difference everyone has made together through your activity. It's the end of the story. Make sure it gets told.
  7. Don't forget Twitter (if applicable) and don't forget ordinary email!