Fun Ways to Fundraise

Here are some fundraising ideas from past participants to help your child succeed!

Every year, people email us to tell us the fun ways that they fundraise for the MS Readathon. We have put together a list of great ideas to help your children to raise much-needed funds to help people with MS!

  • Ask family members to sponsor them
  • Post the link to their fundraising page on your Facebook account.
  • Ask neighbours to sponsor them
  • Put a collection tin at your local shop or school
  • Ask people from your work to sponsor them
  • Email your friends and ask them to sponsor your child (you can do this directly from your child's fundraising page)
  • Sponsor them to do household chores
  • Bake lots of cupcakes or make jewelry or bookmarks and give them to family and friends for a small donation to MS
  • Have a book sale with all your old books or a garage sale with all proceeds going to MS
  • Encourage them to read to younger siblings in exchange for a gold coin donation to MS 
  • Hold and afternoon tea and a raffle with proceeds going to MS

We would love to hear your fundraising ideas and tips, so drop us a line at

All the money your children raise goes to help people in Australia living with multiple sclerosis.