Your Child's Privacy

Teach your children the importance of privacy and security of their information when online

We know that, like any parent, you are concerned about your child's online activities. For your reassurance, we have made sure that your child's personal information on their homepage is accessible only through their user name and password. No one will be granted free access to your child's details or photograph.

All third party sites have been carefully checked so that they provide relevant, child-friendly content. Whilst we monitor these sites, however, we cannot be held responsible for changes to content.

We suggest you take an active role in your child's ‘cyber-life’ so that you can monitor and supervise their activities online. Some general points to bear in mind are:

Have a family discussion about expectations around Internet usage and set up agreements. You might include things like times of day children are allowed on, length of time, and which sites or types of sites are allowed or not allowed.

Talk to your child about good ‘netiquette’ and about privacy and security of their information.

Take time to explore the Internet with your child; show an active interest in the sites they are viewing.

Keep computers in shared family areas, such as the lounge, rather than in bedrooms or playrooms.

Encourage children to be open about sites that they might come across, particularly any material that they find disturbing.

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