Parents supporting MS Readathon


How your support helps

Families have been participating in the MS Readathon for more than thirty seven years, and we appreciate you being part of this great event.


For the first few years of a child's life, one of the many skills they learn is to read - a fundamental skill that all children need to master. Once they are able to read independently and are on their reading 'L plates', your continuing support and encouragement is so important. Whether it is reading the same books as they are for their schooling, joining the local library together or allowing that extra 5 minutes at bedtime because they are 'up to a good bit' - every little bit helps. Remember that any reading is good reading and it's meant to be fun!

It may come as a surprise in a media-infiltrated world that teenagers also enjoy reading. Teenagers have a diverse interest in reading material. Among their favourite categories are literature, history that has a story they can relate to, fiction and biographies about people who affect their lives today. And, of course, our teenagers enjoy reading on their hand-held devices and computers not only about things that interest them but also for increasing amount of school-work.

Participating in the MS Readathon will help inspire your child's love of reading, and at the same time will provide MS with much-needed funds to support people living with MS. Funds raised by your child will help to give care, and hope to over 23,000 Australians, their families and carers, who are living with MS.

For more information on how your support helps, please see the How My Fundraising Helps page.