How the MS Readathon Works

Who Can Participate?

Anyone can! Although most of our participants are primary school age children, there is no age limit. Everyone is welcome to change the world one book at a time.

By participating in the MS Readathon, you provide your students with the opportunity to discover and rediscover the world of books, improve their reading skills, learn about multiple sclerosis (MS) and raise funds to help people living with MS.

The MS Readathon has been set up so most of the work is done for you. All you need to do is: 

  • Let us know if you would like your school to take part
  • Promote the MS Readathon at your school through classroom or assembly announcements and through newsletter inserts which we will send you in regular updates. 
  • Encourage students throughout August to register, read and raise funds.

For those students in Grades 3 - 6 we have some fantastic lesson plans available to download -

it has never been easier to combine the MS Readathon into your everyday classroom activities And there's no need to choose between the Premier's Reading Challenge (PRC) and the MS Readathon. Students completing the PRC can include the books they read as part of their reading for the MS Readathon. Reading for Reading Eggs also counts.

Children register independently with approval from their parents. They select their school as part of their registration, so as the teacher you can see all the students that are taking part from your school. It is their responsibility to then, collect donations and complete the program. 

Taking part in the MS Readathon is easy!

Students simply:

  1. Register online at
  2. Read throughout August. Children can read any literature - books, e-readers, even their homework!
  3. Fundraise from family and friends. All students who complete the program and return fundraising by October 31 will receive a Certificate of Appreciation. 

Helping Your Students Participate in the MS Readathon

Get Kids Interested
Get Kids Interested The best way to inspire your students to get involved is to download the MS Readathon School Information Pack which will be emailed to schools full of information and facts about MS. You can also request posters to put up on the walls in school and bookmarks to hand out to motivate and encourage your students. We also encourage you to view our videos which are available online and you can also host a visit by an MS Ambassador. See the school visits page for more information.

Connect Them with the Cause Engage your students and connect them with the cause by discussing the impact of multiple sclerosis and the daily challenges faced by people living with MS. The lesson plans that are available for students in grades 3 - 6 will assist with this whilst meeting the needs of the curriculum.

Visit our downloads page for our Lesson Plans and our MS Fact Sheet. Read about how MS affects people and their families.

Keep Them Motivated If you are not utilizing our lesson plans, you can still make the MS Readathon part of your day. Kick off each morning with a quick discussion about a specific book and ask students to share how they are raising funds with their peers. Perhaps you can have an event at school - wear red for a day or set aside 20 mins each day just to read. Or why not make a barometer as a class project so you can track your fundraising.

Encourage Reading Students can read anything, as long as it is at their normal reading level. All we ask is that you encourage those students who have registered for the program to organise their reading list and read throughout the month of August. Consider reading a book as a class that all your students can add to their completed reading list? Or perhaps a certain homework task has a set reading piece linked to it that can also be counted for the program? Remind your students every Monday at the beginning of class to keep reading and building their sponsorship and also at the end of the week, to read for a short time each day over the weekend.

Return of Sponsorship Money

All children who raise funds will receive a Certificate of Appreciation. Money should be returned by October 31st. Sponsorship received after this date will still be accepted but will not be shown on the certificate. 
We would love your school to get involved! Simply email us at to request an Information Pack containing information about this year's program and ideas on how you can help motivate and inspire students to be a part of this great campaign and make a difference in the lives of others.

Premier's Reading Challenge - Reading Eggs or the MS Readathon?


Books that students read for the Premier's Reading Challenge and Reading Eggs also count towards the MS Readathon so there is no need to choose! And, as a bonus, the children not only develop love of reading but they also have a chance to make a real difference at the same time.

To find out more and to register for the Premier's Reading Challenge in your state or territory, please follow the appropriate website link below:




Since 2005, the Challenge has promoted the importance of reading among students in Victorian schools and encouraged families and parents to be more involved with supporting children's reading in and beyond school. In 2013 231,000 children read more than 4 million books for the PRC.



The Reading Challenge in the ACT last year celebrated its tenth anniversary of encouraging students in ACT schools to become more involved in reading and for them to develop a love of good books. In 2013, 12,000 students took up the challenge, which is a long way from the 638 readers who took up the Challenge when it was first introduced. The Challenge last year was is to read 12 books by 5thSeptember 2014. Eight of those books must come from the Chief Minister's Reading Challenge booklist.



The Queensland Premier's Reading Challenge is an annual statewide event for students from Prep to Year 7 in state, Catholic and independent schools as well as home-educated students. Individual students, whole schools or individual classes can enter the Premier's Reading Challenge.



The Premier's Reading Challenge is available for all NSW students in Kindergarten-Year 9. It aims to encourage a love of reading and to enable children to experience quality literature.



All students from prep to grade 6 are challenged to read ten books in those ten weeks. The challenge is a proven strategy that helps primary aged students, their parents and the community, recognise that literacy and reading are essential life skills.