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The MS Readathon raises funds to send kids who have a parent living with multiple sclerosis on special MS Family Camps.

Kids Helping Kids

Funds raised from the MS Readathon will go towards helping children attend our special MS Family Camps.

These camps help families living with multiple sclerosis to spend quality time together, learn more about multiple sclerosis and bond with others who are sharing their journey. MS Family Camps are in huge demand and have a huge impact on the lives of children who have a parent living with multiple sclerosis.

One of the children who has benefited from a family camp is Spencer. Spencer’s mum Jennie is living with MS. Jennie said the MS Family Camp had an amazing impact on Spencer.

Spencer - Boy in hat

Before attending the MS Family Camp, it was fair to say my little boy Spencer was struggling. He’s always found it hard to make friends, and with me having multiple sclerosis, I know he’s been frustrated by many of the things we can’t do together.

I can’t just go camping with him, or even kick a footy together, and with my own mum having had multiple sclerosis when I was a child, I get how different that can make you feel.

It’s why it meant so much to me that Spencer got to go to the MS Family Camp this year.

Along with his sister, he got to make many special friendships with other kids who get what it means to have a mum or dad with MS. He also got a real boost, when those same kids left him special messages in a fuzzy bag.”

The MS Readathon is such a wonderful way for kids to help out kids just like Spencer, all while falling in love with the wonder and magic of reading.