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117 Storey Treehouse

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I liked this book because it’s funny and you just want to keep turning the page to see what happens.
I think kids from 7 to 12 years old would enjoy this book.
Amazing Book And The Dr.Moose Was Funny Galloping Away!
I really enjoyed reading this book. I've loved reading the treehouse series. The books are always funny and there's always something new in each one. This is one of my favourite series to read.
Really funny book
Haven't read this series in a while but I should definitely have another look at it! Great stories!
Very funny. A great book for kids up to about ten years old. Terry wanted to narrate the book so Mr Bignose said to give it a shot. His story was so bad that the Story Police came and there was a big chase. Show more Show less
I really liked it, Terry’s story was silly
This was a top knoch book. That suprised me in a way that i never thought it would
Very fun. I liked the police and enemies as they were funny
I enjoyed this book because it was exciting and it was a really fun adventure! Other kids should definitely read this book!
This newest book in the Treehouse series is just as good as the others. This is a good book for beginners. In this story Andy and Terry have to escape the Story Police. It's a pretty cool adventure.