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Demon dentist

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It's agian an awsome book I would highly recommend this book to teenagers how love reading great page turner
Demon dentist is a very funny book. There are lots of made up words, but that only makes it even more fun. It teaches people to believe in anything and everything. I think that this book shows an important message. Show more Show less
Demon Dentist by David Walliams is by far ine of my favourite books ive read... so far.
I really like the mystery surrounding who stole teeth from under the pillows of children , who are expecting to wake up to money from the tooth fairy.....But thats not what they got but....
A must read for kids who like abit of suspence fun and heaps of silly made up words.
Highly recommended. 9 years old and i read it in a day.
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Is very interesting, I think it should be named demon tooth fairy because the tooth fairy puts nasty things under children’s pillows.
It is a very good book with lots of drama it makes me laugh a lot and made me feel very surprised at the end
A very good and funny book it was great to read
It is a wonderful book and there is a really cool witch who pretends to be a dentist and she will pull all your teeth out for no reason
Good for people that love scary stories
this book is action packed and is full of funny moments that made me laugh.This book i would recommend for all ages 5-13 little kids can enjoy being read to at night this is an awesome!