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Diary of a Wimpy Kid : The Meltdown

By Jeff Kinney

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it is so funny and a good book to have something to do in winter if it is snowing and you are bored.
This book is very funny
very intresting book :)
Love love love these great to read
Greg and Rowley try to survive the winter wars of upper surrey street and lower surrey street, it a very funny story.
A very enjoyable book.
funny and freezing story
Best book ever!
Really funny and awesome.
it is nice.
This book is sooo good that I read it 3 times!!!! Suitable for ages 8 and up, this book will make you laugh out loud, It will take you on a winter journey!!! I highly recommend this book!
Very funny! I love this book and the whole series :)
what a amazing book! so many funny parts! -insert smile emoji here-
Best book ever
One of my favourite would definitely recommend
Loved this book!!
I really enjoyed this book. I like the whole series. It is so funny and I know kids like this at my school.
This book is amazing. The story of this book is about a boy, Greg Heffley, who is not enjoying his middle school life much, because of his family and friends.
This book has many hilarious scenes. There are also some parts that you can relate to. Overall, this book is highly recommended for everyone, and is worth reading. Show more Show less
Really good
I love this series
Was a good read very enjoyable