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Gangsta granny

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This is another one of David's wonderful book. It has so many fun twists that make the book that much better. I definetly recommend reading it no matter how old you are.
It is about a gangster Granny and her grandson trying to steal the Crown Jewels. I would recommend this book because it's exciting, funny and very interesting.
Great book and really enjoyable
I like Gangsta Granny because it is about a unique elderly woman and not the kind of character I was expecting (an international jewel thief). The book taught me how important it is to take the time to be with your grandparents because they have lots of great experiences to share with us. Show more Show less
Hilarious and witty
I love the gangster Granny
Such a funny and great book. Just loved all the funny jokes, amazing story line and illustrations!
It was very mysterious and exciting to see what granny does.

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