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Gangsta Granny

By David Walliams

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I loved this book because Granny tells really interesting stories. She tricks her grandson with cool stories but then does a real robbery and meets the queen (who can't sleep). It was funny and made me laugh a lot to myself as I read. Show more Show less
An amazing, thrilling book about a hiest! Its a really funny story, I especially love all the farts from granny!
I really enjoyed the read was quite funny, id definitely read it again.
It is about a granny who has her grandson over every Friday and he thinks her very boring. I would too if my granny only fed me cabbage soup, played scrabble and the only sweet treat was cabbage chocolate's. The boy then discovers a bunch of priceless jewels in the biscuit tin. It turns out granny was a prime thief! Ben could never of thought that his boring old granny robbed the prince of India by shuffling up an elephants trunk! They then plan to rob the only gems granny hasn't gotten her hands on, the Crown Jewels. Show more Show less
Overall I really enjoyed this book!
It was funny most of the time and I loved the part when they met the queen and she let them go!!
The sad part was when the granny died! :(
It was really sad!
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a funny book!
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I think Gangsta Granny is funny and cool.
Very good book a bit sad but over all a very good book.
It was a good book, Very entertaining. I liked the bit when they met the Queen!!
i think this is a good book because they get to have fun and the grandma pretends to be an international jewel thief it is also funny
Gangsta granny is very funny because she is 80 years old and stealing jewels which is not something grannies normally do. David Walliams books are very funny and entertaining to read. I really recommend this book! Show more Show less
GANSTA GRANNY was a hilarious book and I would never got bord of read it! It was like I was there, he explain so good! My favourite bit in the book was when the GRANNY told the story of when she stole her first diamond ring. Show more Show less
i love the book it's flawless but it was sad at the end when granny dies.
This is another one of David's wonderful book. It has so many fun twists that make the book that much better. I definetly recommend reading it no matter how old you are.
It is about a gangster Granny and her grandson trying to steal the Crown Jewels. I would recommend this book because it's exciting, funny and very interesting.
Great book and really enjoyable
I like Gangsta Granny because it is about a unique elderly woman and not the kind of character I was expecting (an international jewel thief). The book taught me how important it is to take the time to be with your grandparents because they have lots of great experiences to share with us. Show more Show less
Hilarious and witty
I love the gangster Granny
Such a funny and great book. Just loved all the funny jokes, amazing story line and illustrations!
It was very mysterious and exciting to see what granny does.

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