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Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

By Elena Favilli

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I loved reading this book. It had lots of really fascinating and motivating stories which inspire you and make you believe you can do anything.
I LOVE THIS BOOK GO GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this book! I found the stories inspiring and encouraging.
Loved this book!
This is a really good book. It is good to show that girls have power.
This book was inspirational and shows that we can do what ever we want when we try and push past the limit. The people in the book break the rules (in a good way) a make history.
this is a great book sharing peoples story's and not being scared to tell the world.
I absolutely love it because it encourages girls to be whatever they want to be.

absolutely love this book. all the stories are great.
good for girls that dream of becoming great
This book really inspires me to want to change the world.
We loved this book!! Very inspiring stories about girls who have done great and daring things!!
I loved this book because you get to read about a whole different variety of people that is why I loved this book
Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls is a fascinating book about girls who take risks. They had lots of fun in the 16th-19th centuries!
My mummy reads me this book
This book has inspired me to grow & be an amazing women. I read about one women per night. If I have a bad day it makes me feel ten times better.
Brilliant book about amazing women. It is so inspirational.
I recommend this book for girls who want to be strong. It's good for boys too, because they like to learn about strong women too.
Great stories from woman from all over and about there history