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Is there limit on age to register?

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MS Readathon is open to everyone of any age to register.  You can register your baby and count the books you read to them or if you are over 18 you can register as an adult!

Register here

When can we start reading, logging books and fundraising?

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Now! You can start reading, logging books and fundraising as soon as you register.

Share your page to your entire network and start smashing goals.

This will give you a head start on all the great things in store for August.

Is there a fee to sign up?

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MS Readathon is FREE to register!

Register here

Can I log the same book more than once?

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YES! We know how good some books are and that you may want to read it multiple times.  You can log the same book each time you read it.  For some of our younger readers, repetitive reading helps the learning process.

When can I start reading?

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You can start reading and logging your books as soon as you register.  We encourage you to read as many books as you can.


Can I register my child or children separately?

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YES! Click the Register button and select MY CHILD TO READ (light blue) to register ONLY one child at a time as indivdual participants.  You will need to register as their parent/guardian first and add the childs details in the following steps.

Register as an individual child here

Can i register all my children as a family?

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YES! Click the Register button and select MY CHILDREN TO READ (purple tab) to register 2 to 5 children.  You will need to register as their parent/guardian first and add a 'family name' and add the children in the following steps.

Register your family here

Can I register as a adult?

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YES!  click the register button and select MYSELF TO READ dark blue tab for adult (18+ years old).  You can create workplace teams here too.

Register here as an adult

I am a Teacher/Principal. Can I register my school?

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YES!  Click the Register button and select MY SCHOOL OR KIDS GROUP TO READ if you're the primary contact of a school or kids group. 


When can we start fundraising?

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As soon as you complete your registration, you can register the books you have read and share your fundraising page to start raising funds!

Register here

Are there any resources to help me fundraise?
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We have a selection of free downloadable resources for you to select from. 

Keep an eye on this page as we will be updating the items from time to time.

Click here to see the resources available.

How do those sponsoring me online get their receipts?
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The best part about your fundraising page is that when your friends and family make a donation to you online, a receipt will be automatically issued to them by email.

What is the final date for fundraising?

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The website will close for fundraising on the 30th September 2024.

My work wants to donate by bank transfer.  How do I arrange that?

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Contact our team on 1300 270 036 or

They will issue you a unique reference number and give you the bank account details so we can add the donation to your fundraising tally.


How do I register my school

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How do I register my child/children to their school or kids group?

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I am having trouble - how do I get help?

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Contact our fantastic support team on 1300 270 036 or

They will do their very best to get you on track.

Will my reading now count to my final tally?

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Yes!  Everything you read from the moment you register and start logging will count to your final tally.  

Therefore the earlier you start the more books you can log.

How do i know what t-shirt size to choose?

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SIZE (CM) 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 S M XL 2XL
body length  42 46.5 50 54.5 59 63.5 68 70 72 74 76 78
Half chest  34 36.5 39 41.5 44 46.5 49 50 52 54 56 58

Are there any perks or prizes?

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We have awesome perks and prizes you can win through out the campaign.  

Check out our Perks and Prizes page here

Keep an eye on this page for special announcements through out the campaign.

Didn't find your answers?  Got an idea?  Reach out to our team.

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We always welcome feedback and our team are here to assist you however we can.  Please reach out to our team at

We want the MS Readathon the best it can possibly be!