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Aaliyah Steens

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Lets Read with Aaliyah!

Hey Everyone! Aaliyah has stepped up for a great cause! She has just started learning to read and has placed a challenge to read 20 books for the month of August! She spent the first 3 years of her life watching Gaitho Eric smash goals in the gym and we have been discussing how we can help others even though "we arent doctors". She may be 5 years old but she can read now so let's see how much we can raise!

I've read 22 books


by .

Get the Rat

by .

No Gas

by .

Gemma and Gus

by .

We're Going Camping

by .

The Saggy Baggy

by .

Kim and Kat Get Fit

by .

Is it Big?

by .

See Santa Nap

by .

Sam is Fun/ A Big Kid

by .

Vog in the Pod

by .

See Zig Zag

by .


by Tamar Reis-Frankfort and Wendy Tweedie

Vog in the Pod

by Bert's Dixon and Elonio Pico

At the dam

by .

Ella and the Imp

by .

Vic's fish and chips

by .

The king and his wish

by .

Kim the bug

by .

The fun run

by Anita Mullick

Dip in, Dad

by Liz Miles

I can run

by Faye Berryman and Philip O 'Carroll

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Uncle Steve

You're doing awesome Aaliyah! Looking forward to you to reading me some books :) Love, Uncle Steve


Emily Sullivan

So proud of you Aaliyah! Can't wait to hear you read a book to me soon. Love you lots, (soon to be) Aunty Em xx





Lucy Pack

Go Aaliyah!!!!! Love Lucy


Kat & Prawi

Hi Aaliyah, we are so proud of all your reading and you raising money to help people in need!


Edwin Bulseco


Aunty Julie

“You go gurl!”💜


Amanda, Ryan And Evie Livezey

Keep up the great work, Aaliyah!


Macmillan Family

The MacMillan family is very proud of you Aaliyah! Sending you lots of Love.


Tok J

Let me complete your goals


Aunty Jasmine

Keep Reading Aaliyah. Can’t wait for you to read to me next time I see you!


Angela Amar

So proud of you! Your Nana taught my son how to read!


Bree & Lumpy

So proud of you Aaliyah for thinking of others. We hope you enjoy reading all your books. Luv Bree and Lumpy


Dinesh, Stacey, Dustin & Evie

Well done, Aaliyah! Dustin & Evie can’t wait to read with you! Xx Dinesh, Stacey, Dustin & Evie


Nana Midah, Nana Sal And Family

You can do it Aaliyah! All the best!


Putti Adnan

Way to go Aaliyah! Uncle Malik & I are proud of you!


Tok Ayah Rasi

Tok Ayah is very proud of you❤💙


Nana & Siblings

Nana & your relatives in Singapore are very proud of you❤ Keep up the good work👍👍


Pius Peter

Way to go Aaliyah


Dina Steens

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