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Aaliyah Steens

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Lets Read with Aaliyah!

Hey Everyone! Aaliyah has stepped up for a great cause! She has just started learning to read and has placed a challenge to read 20 books for the month of August! She spent the first 3 years of her life watching Gaitho Eric smash goals in the gym and we have been discussing how we can help others even though "we arent doctors". She may be 5 years old but she can read now so let's see how much we can raise!

I've read 22 books


by .

Get the Rat

by .

No Gas

by .

Gemma and Gus

by .

We're Going Camping

by .

The Saggy Baggy

by .

Kim and Kat Get Fit

by .

Is it Big?

by .

See Santa Nap

by .

Sam is Fun/ A Big Kid

by .

Vog in the Pod

by .

See Zig Zag

by .


by Tamar Reis-Frankfort and Wendy Tweedie

Vog in the Pod

by Bert's Dixon and Elonio Pico

At the dam

by .

Ella and the Imp

by .

Vic's fish and chips

by .

The king and his wish

by .

Kim the bug

by .

The fun run

by Anita Mullick

Dip in, Dad

by Liz Miles

I can run

by Faye Berryman and Philip O 'Carroll

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Uncle Steve

You're doing awesome Aaliyah! Looking forward to you to reading me some books :) Love, Uncle Steve


Emily Sullivan

So proud of you Aaliyah! Can't wait to hear you read a book to me soon. Love you lots, (soon to be) Aunty Em xx





Lucy Pack

Go Aaliyah!!!!! Love Lucy


Kat & Prawi

Hi Aaliyah, we are so proud of all your reading and you raising money to help people in need!


Edwin Bulseco


Aunty Julie

“You go gurl!”?


Amanda, Ryan And Evie Livezey

Keep up the great work, Aaliyah!


Macmillan Family

The MacMillan family is very proud of you Aaliyah! Sending you lots of Love.


Tok J

Let me complete your goals


Aunty Jasmine

Keep Reading Aaliyah. Can’t wait for you to read to me next time I see you!


Angela Amar

So proud of you! Your Nana taught my son how to read!


Bree & Lumpy

So proud of you Aaliyah for thinking of others. We hope you enjoy reading all your books. Luv Bree and Lumpy


Dinesh, Stacey, Dustin & Evie

Well done, Aaliyah! Dustin & Evie can’t wait to read with you! Xx Dinesh, Stacey, Dustin & Evie


Nana Midah, Nana Sal And Family

You can do it Aaliyah! All the best!


Putti Adnan

Way to go Aaliyah! Uncle Malik & I are proud of you!


Tok Ayah Rasi

Tok Ayah is very proud of you❤?


Nana & Siblings

Nana & your relatives in Singapore are very proud of you❤ Keep up the good work??


Pius Peter

Way to go Aaliyah


Dina Steens

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