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Florence Matthews

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Throughout August I am taking a magical quest filled with adventure and mystery…and it’s all for one incredible cause. I am reading as many books as I can in August to raise funds for kids who have a parent living with multiple sclerosis. Money raised through the MS Readathon will help fund vital support services, like special Family Camps. These camps provide an opportunity for kids who have a parent affected by MS to learn more about MS, bond with other kids and have fun with their family. Thank you for supporting my MS Readathon adventure!

I've read 145 books

Time for bed

by M

Tricky little hippo

by J

Guess how much I love you in the spring

by S

I am planet earth

by J

Hello hotdog

by M


by L

Possum magic

by M

We’re going on a bear hunt

by M

Thunder the dinosaur egg

by G


by S

The tale of Peter rabbit

by B

Mabel and the mountain

by K

All dogs bark

by C

Found in Melbourne

by J

I’m sorry

by S

Sometimes I feel

by S

Underwear dragon

by R


by S

Animals brag about their bottoms

by M

The golden egg

by M


by S

Words and your heart

by K

Sam is my sister

by R


by Julia Donaldson


by Emma Dodd

Ruby red shoes goes to Paris

by Kate lnapp

Ruby red shoes

by Kate knapp

Tassie devils and marshmallows

by Alice Hansen

Spot goes on holiday

by Eric hill

Spot goes to school

by Eric hill

The good morning book

by Kay chorao

Top dog

by Rod clement

Spot goes to the farm

by Eric hall

Spot visits his grandparents

by Eric hall

Care Bears

by Scholastics

Big bears can

by David Bedford

The things I love about let’s

by Trace Moroney

Spots first walk

by Eric hill

You choose fairy tale

by Nick share art

Guess how much I love you in the autumn

by Sam mcbratney

The waterhole

by Graeme base

A new brother for Florence

by Wonder my

Pee wee the lonely kiwi

by Blair Cooper

The wonderful things you will be

by Emily win field

The new kitten

by Yvette poshokgian

Bush babies

by May Gibbs

The very hungry caterpillar

by Eric Carly

Too loud Lilly

by Sofie laguna

The dun horse

by Mikes Kelly


by Alpha prints

Where is the green sheep

by Mem fox

Robles rain dance

by Paula knight

Here comes the sun

by Karl Newson

In my room a book of creativity and imagination

by No witwek

Aliens love underpants

by Claire freedman

Here we are notes for living on planet earth

by Oliver Jeffers

Stella and the wishing star

by Suzanne chiew

The garden hope of love

by Isabel otter

Animal antics

by Steve parish

Lily and the polar bears

by Join Sheibani

Two for me, one for you

by Jorg Muhl

One winters day

by Tina macnaughton

Can I cuddle the moon

by Kerry brown

Isabellas secret

by Jane tanner

Itsy bitsy genie weenie yellow polka dot bikini

by Paul Vance

Stella and the wishing star

by Susanne chiew


by Alison Oliver

Every bunny dance

by Ellie sandall

Queen celine

by Matt shanks

It all began when I said yes

by Simon Philip

Ellie in concert

by Mike wu

Oskar can

by Prestel

Why I love my mummy

by Daniel howar th

Nanookas magical garden

by Kay widdowson

Day dreamers a journey of imagination

by Emily winfield Martin

Icky little duckling

by Steve smallman

Ten minutes to bed little dinosaur

by Rhiannon fielding

Show and tell school of roars

by Pat a cake

My mum is magnificent

by Ronald Dahl

Fox and moonbeam

by Alesha darlison

Cal peppers place

by Trudge threw in

Say please, little bear

by Peter gently

Hello to you, moon

by Sonny and biddy

The very brave bear

by Nick bland

The very itchy bear

by Nick bland

The very cranky bear

by Nick bland

The very noisy bear

by Nick bland

Sometimes I like to curl up in a ball

by Vicki Churchill

There’s a hippopotamus on our roof eating cake

by Hazel Edwards

The bush jumper

by Jean Chapman

Crocodile beat

by Gail Jorgensen

The wolf who cried boy

by Bob Hartman

Hairy maclarey from Donaldsons dairy

by Linley Dodd

Mr McGee and the biting flea

by Pamela Allen

Be brave little penguin

by Giles Andrea

Bear outside

by Jane Yolen

Pablo the penguin

by Alice Hansen

Guess how much I love you in the winter

by Sam mcbratney

Noah’s ark

by Sophie windjammer

Unos garden

by Graeme base

When I’m feeling sad

by Trace moroney

Girls don’t fart okay

by Lisa regan

Noah’s ark

by Heinz Janisch

Thank you for being my my friend

by Peter Bentley

Boom bah

by Phil Cummings

The jungle book Mowgli’s rainy day

by Brittany rubicon

A little bears special wish

by Gillian lobel

I am human a book of empathy

by Susan verde

Max and tallulah a little love story

by Beverley gooding

Guess how much I love you in the summer

by Sam mcbratney

Winnie the Pooh and tigger too

by Disney

When I’m feeling kind

by Trace Moroney

When I’m feeling angry

by Trace Moroney

When I’m feeling jealous

by Trace Moroney

When I’m feeling lonely

by Trace Moroney

When I’m feeling happy

by Trace Moroney

When I’m feeling loved

by Trace Moroney

Winnie the Pooh and the honey tree

by Disney

Arlo the lion who couldn’t sleep

by Catherine Rayner

A thousand hugs from daddy

by Anna pignataro

All the things I wish for you Florence

by Mark sperring

A very blustery day Winnie the Pooh

by Disney

Thank you little mouse

by Caroline Anstey

Brave enough for two

by Jonathan Voss

We are all kind

by P crumble

Piglet and mama

by Margaret wild

Oh baby the places you’ll go

by Dr Seuss

Tom and the island of dinosaurs

by Ian beck

Meet snugglepot and cuddle pie

by May Gibbs


by Disney classic

Beautiful girl

by Christian Northrup

I’m not your friend

by Sam mcbratney

Will you be my friend

by Walker books

Zoo house

by Heath McKenzie

Five little ducks

by Denise Fleming

Dharma the lama

by Matt Cosgrove

When a dragon goes to school

by Carton hart

The moonlight zoo

by Powell - tuck

Rain before rainbows

by Walker books

Baby animals

by Is borne

Wherever you go I go

by Shoshone brown

Sounds of SeaWorld

by Maurice pledger

Springtime tales

by Templar

My grandparents love me

by Claire freedman

Little people big dreams mother Teresa

by Isabel Sanchez

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