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Tempe Keating

Participating in my 1st MS Read-a-Thon

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Tempe's MS Readathon Challenge

My name is Tempe Keating and I am 5.
I am going to read 1 book every day in August.
I am going to get money off people and give it to the MS Readathon people. 
The money helps people with Multiple Sclerosis.

A message from Mum:
Thank you taking the time to check out and donate to Tempe's fundraising challenge. By donating to MS Readathon, not only will you make Tempe super excited to meet her fundraising goal and motivate her to read more books, you'll also be contributing to such a worthwhile cause.
If you dont know what MS is all about - 
Multiple sclerosis is a neurological condition that affects more than 25,000 Aussies. It is a progressive condition that affects the central nervous system and interferes with nerve impulses from the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. 

MS affects people differently, common symptoms include challenges with vision mobility and speech however many are often invisible.

There is no cure, or cause however there are treatments available to help people live well with the condition.

I've read 5 books

Kitty Cat and Fat Cat

by Home reader


by Philip Bunting


by Home reader

Monkeys Friends

by Home reader

Koalas eat Gum Leaves

by Philip Bunting

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Michelle Russell

Such a wonderful thing you are doing Temp, and you are such a good reader ⭐️


The Bambletts

Well Done Temp! Keep up the Good Work 👏🏽🥳📖 📕 📚 👏🏽



Great work Tempe 💕



Well Done Tempe on your reading and raising money, very proud of you xo


Tiana Rose

Love your work temp! Keep up the fantastic reading 😘


Megan Day

Well done Tempe . I remember doing the readathon and it is great that you are starting so young!



Great work Tempe! I hope you enjoy all the books 📚


Aunty Giz

Proud of you Temp 💞 Lots of love from aunty Giz 👏 🥰 💛


Danielle Mcconnell

Enjoy reading all of your books Tempe. Well done!


Aunty Hann Xx

Proud of you my BESTEST FRIEND! 💕🥰 🐻


Jess & Vienna Annetts

So proud of you Tempe love Jess and Vee xx


Ms Neville

Well done Tempe. Keep reading!


Yvonne And Bob Fahey

Wonnie and bob miss you heaps, hope to see you soon xx


Priya Fahey

I hope you have fun reading like I do, I played soccer today. Love priya


Colleen Keys

Great job Tempe. Enjoy all your books, there is nothing better than reading a good book.


Aunty Kez

What a great thing you are doing Tempe. I hope you have fun reading all those books. Very proud of you. Miss you. We will see you when we get home xxxx


Rachael Hyde

Well done Temp 🥰🥰🥰 Nan is Super Proud of you💗💗



I hope you love reading and I think you are doing a wonderful thing to help people


Abi Pettigrew

Way to go Temp! It’s so sweet of you Princess!


Tempe Keating

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