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Kids Reading


 raised in 2022

The Fun Filled MS Readathon

MS Readathon challenges kids to read as much as they can in August.

Kids love earning prizes, collecting badges and completing challenges.

It makes reading fun and exciting!

And kids spend a month reading books, instead of being glued to screens.

All funds raised provide vital support services to families with multiple sclerosis.


This is my daughter Isla doing her first ever MS Readathon in honour of her favourite auntie. 

Isla upped her goal to read 30 books!


Very proud of our big girl Adriana for having a go at the MS Readathon.

She read 26 books in total for the month of August!


My son Noah loved taking part in the MS Readathon. 

He read 30 books last year and wants to read 40 this year!