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Bas Marchetti

Participating in my 2nd MS Read-a-Thon

Throughout August I am taking a magical quest filled with adventure and mystery…and it’s all for one incredible cause. I am reading as many books as I can in August to raise funds for kids who have a parent living with multiple sclerosis. Money raised through the MS Readathon will help fund vital support services, like special Family Camps. These camps provide an opportunity for kids who have a parent affected by MS to learn more about MS, bond with other kids and have fun with their family. Thank you for supporting my MS Readathon adventure!

I've read 127 books

Birthday party

by Literacy Planet stories

Beat friend

by Literacy Planet stories


by Literacy Planet stories

Sam the bear

by Literacy Planet stories


by Literacy planet stories

Possum in the house

by Kiersten Jensen


by Jillian Cutting

Eat it, Print it

by Stephanie Vernali

Iconic animals of the world 4

by Candy Tang

Minty the cat

by Literacy Planet


by Literacy Planet

Ken the koala

by Literacy Planet


by Literacy Planet

Buzz the bee

by Literacy Planet


by Literacy Planet

It’s pool time!

by Ethan Long

Bark Park: the popped ball

by Brandi Dougherty

My working Mum

by Peter Glassman

You are my sunshine

by Steve Metzger

Off to Pluto

by Jean Robertson

The truck that got stuck

by Angela Weeks

Because a little bug went Ka-Choo!

by Rosetta Stone


by Anne Schreiber


by Kathleen Zoenfeld

Scaredy monster rides a plane

by Meika Hashimoto

Guess the dinosaur

by Kari Noel

Scaredy Monster rides a bike

by Meika Hashimoto

Scaredy monster and the Slumber Party

by Meika Hashimoto

Make it 100!

by Joanne Mattern

Plus 0, minus 0

by Ann Matzke

Scaredy monster loses a tooth

by Meika Hashimoto

Big bad bubble

by Adam Rubin

Tiny Tiger

by Barbara deRubertis

Tim and the fun run

by Angela Weeks

Are you my mother?

by P.D.Eastman

Max saves a frog

by Annette Smith

Basking Sharks

by Nico Barnes

Animals: sharks

by Nick Rebman

Sailor Sam and the balloons

by Jill Eggleton

Silly Kitty and the spooky night

by Nicola Lopetz

Kit Stank

by Angela Weeks

Goldie Duck and the three Beavers

by Robin Koontz

Birthdays around the world

by Jay Dale

Sailor Sam in trouble

by Jill Eggleton

School bus trip

by Neville Astley

Five flying penguins

by Barbara McGrath

The sad, sad monster

by Delores Costello

Scaredy Squirrel

by Melanie Watt

Don’t you laugh at me!

by Joy Cowley

I love my Daddy

by Giles Andrease & Emma Dodd

Go, Dog. Go!

by P.D.Eastman

Prince Edward’s Feast

by Robin O’Brien

The House Sitters

by Jill Eggleton


by Dawn Oldfield

Police dogs

by Dawn Oldfield

Bear in Underwear

by Todd. H. Doodler

Bath time for biscuit

by Alyssa Satin Campbell

Jill and the beanstalk

by Robin Koontz

Bump went the bus

by Angela Weeks

Late for football

by Jenny Giles

Dad and the go-cart

by Jill Eggleton

The sausage spy

by Jill Eggleton

Mickey Maloney’s Missing Bag

by Jill Eggleton


by Mij Kelly & Mary McQuillan

There was an old bloke who swallowed a present

by P. Crumble & Louis Shea

The indoor playhouse

by Judy Ling

Uncle Ted and the hiccups

by Jill Eggleton

Who works on the beach?

by Claude Wright

Spy underwater

by Jill Eggleton

Outback school

by Michael Martinson

The Volcano Sand Hill

by Anne Guilieri

How to make a bird feeder

by Liyala Tuckfield

Bingo goes to school

by Annette Smith

A big bowl of fruit salad

by Jay Dale

Big Red Bath

by Julia Jarman and Adrian Reynolds

Goodness me, Mr Magee!

by Jill Eggleton

Off went the light

by Barbara Beveridge

The cooking pot

by Joy Cowley

The skipping team

by Mary-Anne Creasy

Who took our cake?

by Heather Hammonds


by Anne Giulieri

Amazing caterpillars

by Jenny Feely

Happy Christmas!

by Beatrix Potter

Caterpillars for lunch

by Jenny Feely

Good sports

by Bob Eschenbach

The monkey bridge

by Joy Cowley


by Joy Cowley

Aunty Maria and the Cat

by Joy Cowley

Where is the spy?

by Jill Eggleton

Gran helps Out!

by Jill Eggleton

Skipper’s happy tail

by Sharon Holt

Flea goes out!

by Jill Eggleton

Peppa Pig’s family computer

by Neville Astley

Sebastian learns to swim

by Jenny Feely

The aquarium

by Anne Guilieri

Down at the River

by Annette Smith

Where is Vinny?

by Lisa Thompson

Tiny creatures

by Neville Astley

The wolf who wouldn’t go to school

by Carly Hart & Leonie Lord

Henry and the rain

by Jill Eggleton

The Forgetful Bee

by Monique Martin

The dress the grew

by Margaret Clyne


by Gordon Winch & Gregory Blaxell

Fun in the mud

by Tracey Reeder

Little seahorse and the big crab

by Anne Giulieri

Cecil the Caterpillar

by Jane Langford

Paint a Picture

by Anne Giulieri

Too late!

by Alison Condon

The acrobats

by Lisa Thompson

The forgetful princess

by Lisa Thompson

The surprise prince

by Lisa Thompson

Lea’s Birthday

by Jay Dale

Meet the Johnson family

by Jan Pritchett

Pat taps

by Katy Pike

No one likes me

by Jill McDougall

Mighty meg

by Gordon winch

Great-Granny’s birthday

by Clare Scott

Baby dinosaur and the egg

by Jay Dale

The tug of war

by Judy Ling


by Rachel Griffiths

Rabbit and fox

by Sarah O’Neil

What could I be?

by Debra Green

No one likes me

by Jill McDougall

The little snowman

by Jenny Giles

My hat

by Lorraine Lea

A friend for little white rabbit

by Beverley Randell

Thelma the Unicorn

by Aaron Blabey

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Kylie, Tess And Teague

Good on ya mate!


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Go Bas. Great cause


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Happy reading Bas!


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Good on ya, Bas!!


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Well done Basman! You’re a champion 😘


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Well done Bas ❤️ So proud of you ❤️ Happy reading 📚


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So proud of you Bas Love Nanny and Peppe xxx


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Keep up the good work Bass well done


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All the best Bas!


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You’re a superhero Bas!


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Go Bas 😊


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Very proud of you mate 💙


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Proud of you big cuz. Love you all the world.


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Always so proud of you Bassy


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Great Job Bas this cause is close to our hearts ♥️


Corrin Elliott

Awesome job Bas, keep it up!


Kellie & Jayden

Goodluck Bas! You’ll smash it out xo


Great Work Bas Man! ?max & Evie


Hollie Marchetti

Good job bas man! Keep up the good work ❤️💖 love you lots bud. Love Hol & Trav xx


Roxane Coutts

Go Bas, I’m sure you will do awesome 💕


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Read hard, Bas! :)


Kyle & Molly


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Good luck Bas, all for a good cause!

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