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Grace Johannsen

Participating in my 1st MS Read-a-Thon

Throughout August I am taking a magical quest filled with adventure and mystery…and it’s all for one incredible cause. I am reading as many books as I can in August to raise funds for kids who have a parent living with multiple sclerosis. Money raised through the MS Readathon will help fund vital support services, like special Family Camps. These camps provide an opportunity for kids who have a parent affected by MS to learn more about MS, bond with other kids and have fun with their family. Thank you for supporting my MS Readathon adventure!

I've read 113 books

Ninja kid 6

by Anh do

Ninja kid 5

by Anh do

The careless kitten

by Enid blyton

Reynard wonderful plan

by Enid blyton

The newspaper dog

by Enid blyton

The tale of Peter rabbit

by Beatrix potter

The tale of the cluck and clopper

by Enid blyton

Buttercup and the moon

by Enid blyton

The mouse and the squirrel

by Enid blyton

The emperors new clothes

by Classic fairytales

Billy boiglebird

by Lindsay johannsen

The Enchanted music box

by Lindsay johannsen

Harry Potter and the deathly hallows

by J.k. Rowling

Where is the green sheep

by Mem fox

The ugly duckling

by Paragon

Forgotten fairy tales of brave and brilliant girls

by Kate Pankhurst

Bethlehem town

by Andrew mcdonough

Ernest and the fat orange cat

by Philip Rowe

Ninja kid 4

by Anh do

Fancy Nancy- spring fashion fling

by Jane o’connor

The little yellow digger

by Betty & Alan gilderdale

Clifford welcome to birdwell island

by Peggy kahn

Hairy maclareys showbusiness

by Lynley dodd

Hairy maclareys rumpus at the vet

by Lynley dodd

Hairy maclareys bone

by Lynley dodd

Hairy mcalarey - caterwaul caper

by Lynley dodd

Hairy maclarey - scattercat

by Lynley dodd

Hairy maclary from donaldsons dairy

by Lynley dodd

Peter rabbit - mystery thief!

by Beatrix potter

Peter rabbit - friends forever

by Beatrix potter

When the snake bites the sun

by David mowaljarlai

The bat and the crocodile

by Jacko dolumyu & hector sandaloo

Warnayarra -the rainbow snake

by Lajamanu school

How the birds got their colours

by Mary albert

The puppy who wanted a boy

by Jane thayer

The echidna and the shade tree

by Mona green

Dunbi the owl

by Daisy utemorrah

Chomp goes to school

by Melissa mattox

Girls don’t fart okay!!

by Lisa regan

Scary night

by Lesley gibbes


by Matt Stanton

Zoo school

by Heath Mckenzie

The teeny weeny tadpole

by Sheridan cain

The wishing feather

by Enid blyton

Blossom possum

by Gina newton

Koala lou

by Mem fox

Shoes for grandpa

by Mem fox

Knocc knock who’s there?

by Mary small

Jinormous jack

by Josephine barrymore

Alexander’s outing

by Pamela allen

The hat

by Christine gray

The lorax

by Dr seuss

There’s a socket in my pocket

by Dr Seuss

Share said the rooster

by Pamela allen

The things I love about friends

by Trace moroney

We’re going on a bear hunt

by Michael rosen

The very sleepy bear

by Nick bland

The very noisy bear

by Nick bland

The three kangaroos gruff

by Kel richards

Crunch the crocodile

by Josephine croser

Seriously do not open this book

by Andy lee

Definitely do not open this book

by Andy lee

Do not open this book

by Andy lee

There was an old sailor

by Claire saxby

Raggedydax the robot comes to planet earth

by Lindsay johannsen

Fizz & the police dog tryouts

by Lesley gibbes

Stories for 8 year olds

by R.a. Spratt, Paul Jennings, aleesah darlison & more

Frankie fish and the sonic suitcase

by Peter helliar

Deadly # 2

by Paul Jennings & Morris gleitzman

Fish kid and the lizard ninja

by Kylie howarth

Bugs bunny, pioneer

by Fern g. Brown

The roadrunner mid-Mesa marathon

by Teddy slater

Mickeys Christmas carol

by A little golden book

Ten items or less

by Stephanie calmenson


by Hans Christian andersen

Noah’s ark

by Barbara shook hazen


by First readers - parragon

Willie found a wallet

by Mary Beth Markham


by A little golden book

Pound puppies - pick of the litter

by Teddy slater

Tommy visits the doctor

by Jean h. Seligmann

The missing wedding dress featuring barbie

by Karen krugman

Ninja kid 3

by Anh do

My little dinosaur

by A little golden book

Fox & the hound - hide & seek

by A little golden book

Ninja kid 2

by Anh do

Ninja kid

by Anh do

Bad dad

by David Williams

Horrid henry’s Merry mischief

by Francesca simon

Ella at eden - new girl

by Laura sieveking

Marge in Charge

by Isla Fisher


by Disney

Don’t look now

by Paul Jennings & Andrew Weldon

The little button elves

by Enid blyton

Grandma and Me, and Bernard, my elephant

by Lindsay Johannsen

Wombats don’t have Christmas?

by Michael Dugan

Telltale Tommy and other Stories

by Enid Blyton

The Boy in the dress

by David Williams

Dinosaur Boy

by Cory putman Oakes

Weirdo 14

by Anh Do

Weirdo 13

by Anh Do

Weirdo 12

by Anh Do

Weirdo 11

by Anh Do

Weirdo 9

by Anh Do

Weirdo 8

by Anh Do

Weirdo 7

by Anh Do

Weirdo 6

by Anh Do

Weirdo 5

by Anh Do

Weirdo 4

by Anh Do

Weirdo 1

by Anh Do

Weirdo 3

by Anh do

Weirdo 2

by Anh do

Weirdo 10

by Anh do

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Keep enjoying your books Grace


Suzy Griffiths


Ruth Landale

Lots of love Gracie from Aunty Ruth xxxx


Matt Kelly

Keep reading it’s what prime minsters do


Antonia (winnie)

you go girl.... reading is amazing & MS a wonderful cause x


Melissa Kemp


Nancy Coleman

Keep up the reading, love you 💖💕


Cody Panettiere

Well done Grace! Keep up the hard work!


Tanya Fitzsimmons

Way to go sweetie ❤


Tania Bowler

Good luck Grace, have fun!



A wonderful way to fundraise... enjoy the reading Grace :)


Bec Smith

Grace, I love that you love reading books and I think it is great that you're reading for such a good cause! I renege doing the MS Readathon when I was your age, too🙂


Imelda Bilato

Dear Grace so pleased you love to read and so glad you can put it to a good cause very proud of you love Mama and Poppy


Stacey Johannsen

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