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10 little fingers and 10 little toes

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I liked this book especially when counting with his mum
This was one of my favourite books when I was little.
I like when he kissed his mum
We love this book
I keep reading this book as it was one that has gone through all my siblings and we love it
It was so cute
Cute book
It was really good
it is a good rhyming book my mummy use to read it to me.
The most precious book! A firm favourite when my kids were little.
Great book for older siblings
My 3 year old enjoys this book. He can read some of the words and repeats after me for the unfamiliar words. He loves anything to do with numbers so this one is a winner. The repetitive nature of the book is great because he's able to predict what it will say and focus on what each word looks like as he says it. Show more Show less
Such a great book to read to my little sister. I recommend the book to be read to babies right through to school age.
Like this book good for little k8ds
I have enjoyed this book since I was a baby and still enjoy reading it
I recommend you read this book