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101 Collective Nouns

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I like this book it helped me with my homeschool work about endangered animals
I like the illustrations in the book and I like learning all the words for groups of different animals because you can trick adults who don't know them all.
Great educational book
Very educational. A few tricky words for little ones.
good for little learners learning about collective nouns.
Great book.
Helped me.
Tahlia loved reading this book
Great book
I loved it
This is the best book
Gorgeous pictures, Great words, some made me laugh.
it was good
I looked through this book at my library and I have to say it will help young children with their nouns, it is also bright and colourful and it will catch readers attention.
I loved reading this book
I enjoyed reading this book
I liked this book ? it was easy to read
This book will teach you some new words, beautifully illustrated!
i love this book because it is a fun book
its about nouns.
I enjoyed reading this book
it shows the animals and gives you facts at the same time
I thought all the facts were true
One of our favourites!
Entertained my 4year old! He loved it
i think this book is good because younger children are learning nouns can get confused but this book helps a lot
I loved this book. It is very colourful and has a lot of information
I love this book! Easy to read and intriguing for children & grown-ups!
Excellent learning book for kids, my granddaughter loved it
Good book
Good book
Very enjoyable read
I loved finding what unusual words there are in this world and I am curious to find and read more of Jennifer Cossins books!

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