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13 Storey Treehouse

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SO FUNNY!!! cant wait to read the next one.
I loved the book it was so funny
I loved reading this book. It is so funny.
This was a very interesting book and fun to read.
Terry made Jill's cat Silky into a canary and Jill didn't know about when until Andy told Jill and Jill was actually very happy because Silky made some knew friends because before Silky was a canary she had no friends.

Terry loved sea monsters so he ordered some ,in the post and then they hatched out of the eggs and then one of them ate all of the other eggs. It was so big, it had to go into the bath and then it turned into a mermaid.
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I really enjoyed reading this book and every page is fun-filled and interesting. it has many little problems that have one big conclusion. I really recommend this book if you're into comedy books.