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13 story treehouse

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In this book there was a lot of humour and funny things. This book is very good for people who like short and funny stories
Its a good book, a bit weird in some parts, but overall its pretty funny.
Nice book
Andy and terry live in a treehouse. The treehouse have 13 story’s. Terry has a pack of sea monkeys but one of them is a actually a sea monster how tries to eat Andy + terry.
awesome, awesome and more awesome!
I loved reading this book. It was a great start to the series. I recommend it to anyone who can read!
This was a great book one of my favourites I had so much fun reading it I am definitely looking forward to reading the 26 story treehouse I recommend this book to even adults ?????
Fantastic! This book was really funny and I enjoyed it alot. Payton Burns
this book is a wonderful piece of writing I love the humour and quality of the writing I have read most of the treehouse books and love them all.
Great book for anyone seeking a bit of classic Andy!
I love the pictures and words that tell the story and is sooo funny it keeps you laughing so much . Five stars forever and ever.
good book
I really liked this book, it was very funny and entertaining
I love the creativity in this book.
I liked this book because they do impossible things like the sea monkey eggs turn out to be an evil mermaid monster. It is funny.
I like the story of how Terry, you, and Jill met.
I read this book when I was 7, and I thought it was great because it had funny characters and a good storyline.
Well done Andy and Terry great book l love it !
amazingly funny
Love this series of books. Keep writing them and bring on more adventures
I loved when Terry paints Silky the cat yellow and turns her into a catnary.
good book
I loved the book. It was about two people living in a tree and their names were:Andy and terry. They have lots of adventures and even see an evil sea monster. My favourite part was when terry makes a flying cat (catnary) named silky. Show more Show less
I don't really like this book because its just really old looking and it doesn't have as much drama, humor or excitement. }:(
this is a really funny book and it always makes me laugh with the discriptions of different crazy ideas i highly recomend this book the ilistrations are top notch
happy reading :D
I liked the way the characters were finishing the book.
i think this book is super funny and hilarious
it's funny
This book is hilarious and it made me laugh out loud
He used: imagination, feeling and "friendship"
I think this book is pretty good but some people may not like it, this book is maybe for younger kids but still funny
This book is really good and really funny I have every book in the series. I would recomend this book to EVERYONE!?
It was awesome. It was very funny and really creative. I just wanted to keep reading!
It’s ok
funny and is a book i want to read again