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A Grimm warning

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The BEST book EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really liked it, it is cool how they mix earth with this world. My favourite bit is when the army starts the attack on the elves.
This is an amazing story that mixes fairy tales with the modern day.
I like this book because it had a lot of problems in it and the main characters were smart enough to solve them. My favourite part was when the grandma got kidnapped by a giant. I would recommend this to all kids that like fantasy novels, I couldn’t put it down! Show more Show less
This book is suitable for any age group. It doesn't matter if you are 8 or if you are an adult. This book is about the two twins called Conner and Alex who are actually the grandchildren of the fairy godmother. When the portal where the grand marque army had been trapped. Bree, Conner and Emmerich travel from the otherworld to the fairy kingdom. As the grand marque army gathered criminals and villains, the kingdoms gather troops to retaliate. Can they save the fairy godmother and the kingdoms or will they fall to the army, the dragon and the criminals? I rate this book five stars?????! Show more Show less