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A Stack of Alpacas

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This book is so funny and fun to read. I love all the rhyming words.
I like this book because it’s funny. It’s about 4 alpacas, one named Macca, one named Drew, one named Reese and one named Roo. It was a bit short for me though, I like to read longer books.
This book was very funny
it was a rely funny book and a silly book .
I like this book. It's funny!
Brilliant book for young book lovers! Funny, with inviting illustrations and great rhymes. One we read over and over again.
I love this book!
We love the Macca the Alpaca books. Always a good laugh and we love the rhyming.
we love the Alpacha series. its a favourite everytime we go to the library
We love the alpaca series fun and rhyming
I like how the alpacas name is Macca because that is my cats name.
It is a fun book because it has lots of rhyming words.
This is a funny book with lots of funny pictures