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A Whole New World: A Twisted Tale

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What if Aladdin had never found the lamp? That question is answered with this book, but you may not like the outcome. It starts out the same, but when Jafar tells him to find the lamp, Aladdin doesn't get it back when the Cave of Wonders starts to crumble and Jafar takes the lamp for himself. After digging through the sand underneath the Cave of Wonders for three or four days, Aladdin finally reaches the world above and goes back to Agrabah to find that Jafar has taken over as sultan and that he has the Genie in the lamp from the Cave. Jasmine, now on the run from Jafar, has joined Aladdin's friends' band of thieves and together they hope to stop the evil sultan sorcerer from taking over the world. Show more Show less