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All the Ways to be Smart

By Davina Bell

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This is a good book for kids who start school soon to remember to have fun and find ways to be smart. It can make kids excited for and that’s what it did for me. I reckon the book is a fun one but I don’t usually read it often. Show more Show less
This book is so nice
This book is so true: Everyone is different and everyone has their own way to be smart
A wonderful book that shows kids some of the ways to be smart.
I love this book because you figure out that also
you can learn that it doesn’t matter that other people are not the same as you
Mums review: a beautiful way to explain to children that being smart means so many different things for different people.
Ava's review (6yrs): This is a really friendly book and I love this book Show more Show less
I like this book because it teaches kindness and tells us that we can be smart in lots of ways!
I love this book because it makes me realise that we are all smart in our own ways. It makes me feel special.
I liked the pictures and the page about Outer Space
This book is so true. There are millions of ways to be smart and not everyone is the same.
talking about kids ability... kids have own talent to do things...
amazing book for kids like to to read... very impressive...good for kids, which will helps them to bring out their talent...
A wonderful reminder that the things we do each day make us smart, in our own way. Illustrations are lovely and the story is great for all ages.
This was a good book
could read this book again and again
Mum and I liked this book because we know that all people are smart in their own way
Lovely book about different ways kids are smart
I loved reading this book
I liked the book I enjoyed reading it with my mum
Great book!
Everyone is smart in their own way!
I enjoy this book because it is fun and exciting to start off the day,
My mum read me this book
This book is all about the ways different people can be smart, like drawing, dressing up and kindness. It has lovely, sweet pictures. (Elspeth, age 6)