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Alpacas with Maracas

By Matt Cosgrove

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Line this book we read it at our learning centre
This was a great book because they found their hobby!
This book is awesome!
A great read. Very artistic pictures and a fun story to read with my cousins. I liked when the Alpacas went crazy and were annoying their uncle.
This book is funny
My daughter she loved this book very happy with it
Best book for any age. Ella is 6 and loved reading this one
I like that it rhymes. Its a great book.
It was funny when they shook the maracas
Loved it top book
I liked how the little Alpacas were annoying they're uncle
Great read
They have a good friendship and are good sports. Funny book!
This was a good book because the pictures were amazing.
Such a fun story, love the rhyming and wonderful pictures.
My little girl loves the funny story and wonderful bright colours and lovely illustration s
I like that it has a message that when you compete in a contest you don't always have to win as long as you have fun. This is a funny book.
Love this book
Fantastic Story - Engaging and a beautiful story about being unique!!
I really love this rhyming book because it's about friends spending time together doing silly things
It was really good
Read this book for the simultaneous book readings in the library. I thought it was good, funny and very colourful.
This book was nice because it shows that you don’t have to win to have a fun time with your friends.
We read this book in class it's so funny. I love that they are good friends and love doing things together. My favourite is Al.