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Alpacas with Maracas

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I loved Macca
This book is funny. The pictures are amazing. I liked how the Alpacas danced with the yaks who won the competition. The piranhas were funny and I liked the rhymes.
I like this book it has alpacas that talks.
A funny & entertaining book with great illustrations
A great story that showcases the importance of celebrating even if you don't come first. We love the crazy Alpacas.
My sisters and I love this funny book! Chikka Chikka ca cha
I like this book because the pictures looked funny and the title rhymes and is funny.
We love reading this book together doing actions with the words and putting lots of enthusiasm into the rhyming words. Erik loves being tickled by mummy when Maca gets tickled
It is really funny because they enter a talent show and there is lots of things that they cant do
I liked this story it was very funny!
We Love Macca the Alpaca and his adventures.
To me it's about having a blast and to try something new
A fun book with colorful pictures great message to kids
We loved how my child has improved with his reading, loved his takeover...loves the singing
This book is funny rhyming and fun to read
Soo funny
This was a cute book and my sister loved listening to it.
We read this book at school. It was the best. I loved the rhymes and rhythms. Great book for anyone to read.
A fun colourful book that Ryhmes with a great message behind it.
It was very cute
I really liked this because it was funny, bright and colourful
A very funny book with lots of rhyming, love it!
Very bright & colourful book
Funny colourful
I really liked that this book is about different animals, music and trying new things. The pictures are fantastic and very colourful.
This is a great book because the lamas are so silly
This book is so much fun! I can read it many times and never get tired of it.
It’s fun.
I thought this book was good because it rhymes. It makes me feel happy when I read it.
The alpacas are really funny and silly!
The Alpacas are really funny and silly!
Awesome book!!!!!!
This book was funny. I read it to my sister.
Best book ever
Best book for youngsters
Two best friend Alpacas do a talent show but they have to figure out which thing they want to do. Its a very funny book I like it a lot it made me laugh
Two best friend Alpacas do a talent show but they have to figure out which thing they want to do. Its a very funny book I like it a lot it made me laugh
We love this book because it's a rhyming book and it's really funny.
My kids love this book!
Loved this book.
I love this book because it is a wonderful. They are best friends with their maracas .They are very proud of their maracas.
I wonder why they are proud of their maracas.
I love the big book! Show more Show less
very good and very nice and its very funny
this is a really good book for young kids!
Alpacas with maracas is a great book for kids to enjoy reading.
I really liked this book. It was full of bright colourful pictures and a nice story.
Really enjoyed it!
I love this book . It’s interesting and fun to read , it’s such a funny book
I love this book. I like the Alpacas cause they are funny
It is a great children book with fun story line.. showing that you can over come any problem you may have.
I like the message of this book . Because wen you enter a competition .You do not have to win.As logn as you have fun.
For two friends lossing didn't bother as they both had lot of fun in show.
Great read! The rhymes are sublime.. Our Great Aunty bought this one for my daughter as well as maracas was awesome fun
I love this book.
I love getting it from the school library
Very funny - Ollie 7
Fun book to read over and over again.
It’s a good funny book about two lamas! It’s about never giving up and always trying
This book is a fantastic, funny rhyming book that all my students love!
Funny book that keeps you reading right until the end
A fun story that had us all laughing. Highly recommend
My younger sister loves this story, she loves the illustrations.
This book is amazing
We loved this book very funny ?
Really funny! Loved it!
It is a good book.!!!
this book has helped me think in a different way.
We love this book - cute and funny
Not good
I love the whole book. My brother and I have read it many times.
It was a really funny book. I really enjoyed reading it.
Great book so funny loved it
I absolutely love this book and read it over and over again with me mum and little brother.
It’s a really funny book and silly too.
its a funny book
I love this book. It is so funny and it is my favourite book by mat costgrove
Two alpacas want to be in a talent show but they can't find the perfect act.
Alpacas with maracas is a great book with funny rhymes about two alpaca friends trying to work out what to do for a talent show
I love animals and music so I enjoyed reading this book. It has pretty colourful pages.
We really love this book and read it quite frequently!
I liked this book
I love this book! I read it at school and loved it so much, mum bought it for me. It makes me laugh ?
Funny book that always makes us laugh. Great story for any age
I liked reading this book.
This book is funny! I like all the bright colours
Absolutely loved reading it, easy to read for my little girl
Was a really good book to read
Loved this book it is funny
I dressed up as a farmer at school for this book.
One of my favourites
it's a bad book
We loved this book. The simple rhyming language is great and the colourful pictures are wonderful. The characters are so fun and their ability to keep on trying is admirable. We learned a great lesson from this book - qualities such as friendship, kindness and endeavor are what really matter in the end. Show more Show less
It was a great funny book. I loved it
Good book
Colourful and fun to read. A favourite bedtime story.
Great book my sister loves this one being read to her
Line this book we read it at our learning centre
This was a great book because they found their hobby!
What a fun book. I laughed the entire way through it.
I like it. They did a really good job picking a talent for the show. I love rhyming and tics tics ta ta
I like this book because it is a funny book and it encourages kids to enjoy what they do even if they don’t succeed. It also has a good moral.
Love this book so funny ?
We saw this one at school
This book is awesome!
A great read. Very artistic pictures and a fun story to read with my cousins. I liked when the Alpacas went crazy and were annoying their uncle.
Kids loved it
This book is funny
My daughter she loved this book very happy with it
Best book for any age. Ella is 6 and loved reading this one
I like that it rhymes. Its a great book.
It was funny when they shook the maracas
Loved it top book
I liked how the little Alpacas were annoying they're uncle
Great read
They have a good friendship and are good sports. Funny book!
This was a good book because the pictures were amazing.
Such a fun story, love the rhyming and wonderful pictures.
My little girl loves the funny story and wonderful bright colours and lovely illustration s
I like that it has a message that when you compete in a contest you don't always have to win as long as you have fun. This is a funny book.
Love this book
Fantastic Story - Engaging and a beautiful story about being unique!!
I really love this rhyming book because it's about friends spending time together doing silly things
It was really good
Read this book for the simultaneous book readings in the library. I thought it was good, funny and very colourful.
This book was nice because it shows that you don’t have to win to have a fun time with your friends.
We read this book in class it's so funny. I love that they are good friends and love doing things together. My favourite is Al.