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Attack of the Gnomes

By Zack Zombie

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It's really funny because the zombie gets chased by a lot of gnomes and he finds out who the controller is. I recommend this book ages 7 to 11.
i like this book because i found out the girl is evil.i recommend it7-10. its very funny
my favorite books it realy sucks me in to the story and it has so much adventure

this book is not a good book for little ones
but for older ones it is ok
its grate and funny and minecraft is the best
i love it
it is full of action and it really gets you in the zone
it is funny and cool
it is fun
ITS really creative and a good book
this book is so cool you will love this book.
minecraft diary is awsome.
I hate these collection of books it gets you addicted to micraft don"t buy it
A good book for people who like gardining and Minecraft .#a good book.)