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Australian Primary Integrated Dictionary and Thesaurus

By Oxford Dictionary

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I love learning new words!!!!!! FUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!!!
great if you want to learn something
Always a great go-to for a quick definition or synonym!!
bbblllaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!! I hate this dictionary SSSSSSOOOOOO much!!!!!!!!
I love all dictionary's in general but this one is so much easier to read and understand.
I found this dictionary easier to understand than to find the definition on the internet.

It was so helpful!
Great Dictionary!
Lots of definitions and you get to get heaps smarter!
You understand everything!
Dictionary, but with not all the words
great dictionary for grade 5
ffghjgv hfgfh
Boring but helpful. The dictionary's definition of dictonary and definition was hilarious