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Awful Auntie

By David Walliams

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It is a great book!!!
It was a good book. Not my favourite book but a very good book, but I liked the book.
This book, was sad but was so interesting to read! I loved every minute of it!
THIS is a super duper FUNNY book :)
It is a mysterious awesome book.
This book is adventuress and a little bit scary with some parts.
Good book to sit down with to read
A classic story of underdogs.
This book is great for ages 8+Make sure your child is ready for weird and also little bit of scary.
This is a really good book it has a lot of funny parts in the book.
This book is absolutally hilarious! The pranks are awsome. This book should be suggested to EVERYONE!!! When I first picked it up I was imidiently was hooked on it. It is so fantastic no one can say no to it. Show more Show less
I think it deserves 4 stars because it is funny, humourous and questioning. -Meghan
its funny and cool
Awful Auntie is a book that you need to read if you like comedy, wirde book.
this is a great book of action and drama you wil be exited and thrilled.
this book is full of scares spookes and excitement this book is awesome
This book is very, very, very good
This book is a bit of a thriller. You can just not put dis book down!!
Too much animation but still a little bit interesting.
I wouldn't buy it though some boys might like it.