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Bad Dad

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This book is hilarious recommended for those readers who love a laugh!
This is a hilarious book, recommended for readers who love a laugh!
Amazing and very funny a must read book so good!
This book is heart wrenching a gives a very good moral. No matter what - life will get better :)
I think this book was funny, scary and a bit sad.
It was well written and easy to understand
I couldn’t put this book down!
Bad Dad is SOOO good. It is my first ever big chapter book. It is funny and you can visualise the whole book happening. When you visualise it it is like your own story. The people look colourful with baggy shorts when you visualise them. I love it!! Show more Show less
It was a really interesting and funny book. I really like it and i recommend others to read it.
A beautiful book even if it isn't as good as his previous books.
Funny book with a great ending. A must read.