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This book is about a wolf who has a bunch of friends and he wants them all to become Good Guys. But, they don't want to do that!
What I thought was kind of lame, is that they tried to save a kitten out of a tree.
The best part of this book was when, at the end, the wolf said 'they will love us forever' when the people were screaming 'help, a wolf' and 'help, a shark'. The wolf is an idiot. This is a funny book. It is quite silly.
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this book was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Super sonic book about a Snake, Piranha , Wolf & a Shark. It’s hilarious and I couldn’t put it down!!
good book
It is a good book for young kids but I just thought it was senseless and made no sense at all.
I really like this book because it’s about a group saving the world from evil doctor marmalade. Great book
The Bad Guys books are excellent because they have funny bits in every page. In this book the Bad Guys go around looking for kittens to save because they want to be good guys. Then they rescue 100 dogs from the dog pound and the dog gets scared from the shark. The illustrations were good. Show more Show less
It is a good book. They are trying to save people and it's really awesome