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Barky The Barking Dog

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So funny I read it twice!
Okay, this is in the top 10 funniest books I have ever read, earning it four stars. Below I'll say the good and bad things.
So, the good stuff: When I first read the book, I only got halfway through before I fell on the floor and didn't get up, while shaking. Everyone thought I was having a seizure, but I was really just laughing so hard.
...Buuuut there's always a catch 22, Isn't there? Well, after Finally got up from the floor, I finished the book. And then I read it again. But when I read it the second time, it wasn't remotely funny - the book relies entirely on shock factor, which is what drags it down to 4 stars.
Thats all I have to say for Barky The Barking Dog. It's worth a read, but only one really. So, for now, Goodbye!
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