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Bertie The Ninja Dancer

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Bertie just moved in with her new step family and she claims herself to be a ninja. One day when she was hiding from her stepbrother, she heard music from across the road and found out that it was a dance studio. She started dancing and then the owner of the studio walked in and said to come and dance at the studio. But she was embarrassed and said no. After losing her special pencil, she joined the studio to find it.
Loved this book!
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Bertie just moved into her step family’s house and her step brother is annoying her greatly! One day when Bertie was in her tree, she spotted a dance school. While she was dancing she lost her special pen. She was devastated. She was determined to find her pen so she went back to Stardust School Of Dance. She realised that she liked dancing so she started there. She got a role in her dance academy concert of Peter and The Wolf And got to play Peter Show more Show less