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Billie B Brown

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Great Beginner Series!
I Read These As My First Novels!
My Little Sister Is Reading Them And Loves It!
I like the series. Billy is an interesting girl with a good personality.
You learn about what can happen in your adventures of life and how you can feel at those times. This is about how your friends are always by your side. These series are great for beginners.
Billy B brown was a good book. It was about a girl called Billy B Brown and she was good at lots of things. She was brave , and good at making friends and sometimes she was a teeny tiny bossy.
This book is so easy to read
This book is so easy for me to read
A really really good book to read.
Perfect books for early readers!
Great books for young readers to begin their reading experience with.
These books are so cool all kids should read them. Billie teaches kids about each adventure she goes on. They are easy to read.