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Billie B Brown The Deep end

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This is a book about a girl called Billie. Willie's class is doing swimming lessons, last year when her class done swimming lessons they were in the little pool but this year they will be doing them in the big pool.
Billie is scared to go on the big pool so when asked by the teacher if everyone had their bathers Billie lied and said no.
My favourite part of this book is the ending when Billie tries to be brave
I recommend this book to all ages
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Billie is in the same group as her enemy but they become friends
I really liked this book, Billie B brown was scared at the pool at first but then became friends with another girl who was scared too and they faced their fear together.
This book is about when Billie's class goes to a swimming practice but then Billie gets put into the deep end. Billie gets to scared and runs away but then her best friend finds her and tells Billie that theirs nothing to be afraid of because you can touch the bottom of the pool with your feet. But when Billie had tried the deep end out and she really likes it. Show more Show less