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Boy Overboard

By Morris Gleitzman

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It is a great book!
I really liked this book, it was sad finding out they lost their parents as they each got on different boats, however finding out at the end that they were reunited made me happy sad. I was surprised that they weren’t in Australia they were on an Island above Australia somewhere??? Show more Show less
Very good book with nice character developing. Paints a clear image in the readers head. Cant wait to read the sequel.
This book has made me awestruck, this reminds me of real life refugees migrating to Australia, My favourite bit is Jamal and his family leaving Afghanistan to Australia.
This book is a great book about a young boy, his parents and his sister Bibi. They are refugees trying to get to Australia after they were on the death list in their home country. Be sure to read this and the other thriller - Girl Underground!! Show more Show less
It was really good although I didn't really like the end because I feel like it was rushed at the end.
This book was so power full. I was hooked straight away. it was sad but there was so much determination in the main character. It is a must on the BOOKS to read list.
Boy Overboard is a amazing story! The way it's written makes you feel like your there with him. I highly recommend this book, to anyone that loves to read and even if you don't I'm sure you'll love it! Show more Show less
This was an amazing, eye opening book.
It showed me things I would never had thought happened in the world.
It’s about a boy and his family, travelling to Australia as refugees.
4.5/5 stars. A bit slow in the beginning, compared to the rest of the book. Show more Show less
I like this book it is based on real life. And Bibi is very funny!

from sophia gigliotti
I loved this book. It was really cool how it was about real world issues and gave an insight into a person living in times of wars life.
This book keeps you hooked on the story till the last page. I think that everyone should definitely read this book because it talks about bad things that happen in the world but in a not so depressing way. I really like the adventure of this story and also some witty humour. Show more Show less
I really enjoyed this book it was an adventure to read it kept me intrigued throughout the whole book
This book is about a family in Afghanistan, taking place in a village in Afghanistan after a war. Jamal has a dream of playing soccer, and so does her sister Bibi. This is where all the problems start. Girls are not allowed to play soccer, and worst of all, they run a school which is also illegal. These problems drive them out of the country but it does not stop here. Their mum escapes near death, they survive being separated from their parents in the two boats, they survive angry crews of smugglers on a boat, pirates and almost loosing their family. They have dreamed of going to Australia but the government would not let them in. I love the courageous attitude in Jamal as he strives to let his family survive. This is a great book by Gleitzman. Show more Show less
Great book for people wanting to know more about refugees and what life is like for them. Highly recommend it.
I liked how He originally had no Idea about Afganistan and now he wrote a full book about it.
it is funny and I like how it supported the migration to Australia unit that I'm working on at school
This book is filled with sadness, wonder and joy. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and certainly will again.
Really good book I love how it is kind of based on a true story. I listened to it and it was definitely a good book.