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Lou needs the loo! He is Busting!!
He can't jump the queue, he can't use the bamboo & he gets kicked by a kangaroo!
But can he make it to the toilet in time...yes! Does he wee or does he poo?! Show more Show less
I like this book because it's very funny. The main character Lou is busting for the loo and the story follows his journey to finding a loo to do his do!
Way funny all about wee!
It was really funny...
Funny rhyming book!!!
Very funny. And the kangaroo busts out some roo kung-fu
So funny because he tried to pee in a teapot, he thought it was a peepot!!! ???
This is so funny because he is busting to do a wee. He also busts out some roo-kung-foo!

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