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Captain Underpants and the attack of the talking toilets

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It is amazing and it is funny a specialty Harold and gorge.
It’s a funny book ? about a guy in his underpants VS talking toilets ?
It was really funny
It is a very funny book. I like a funny bit at the end. Captain Underpants couldn't defeat the bad guy so George and Harold made a new one. But one of the ideas one of them came up with, one of them said, "No! That's too inappropriate for a children book!" or something like that so they made a new superhero. Show more Show less
this book was funny and my favourite part was when captain underpants says tra la laaaaa
Funny, and i will read it again.
I loved this book because there was a GIANT talking toilet. The two main characters George and Harold were getting into a lot of trouble.
this book was good and fun to read. the funniest part was when george and harold made the turbo toilet 2000.