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Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

By Roald Dahl

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I liked the way Mr Willy Wonka is nice to everybody even people who hate him.
Charlie's family is poor and he gets a trip to the Chocolate Factory. I gave this novel five stars because I don't like chocolate, I love chocolate and Roald Dahl writes incredible decriptions.
It was fantastic!
I thought Willy Wonka was a bit crazy and it was crazy what happened to the children. I really enjoyed the book.
A really good book for Grade 2 and up, especially if you watch the movie and know the story.
I am so happy Charlie got the golden ticket. I hope he enjoys owning the factory and that his family has enough food to eat.
Really ?
Charlie's family is poor, but one snowy day charlie finds 50 pence and desides to buy a chocolate bar. he asked for a bar, after he ate the chocolate bar he said I think I will have one more. when he opened the chocolate bar he saw some gold. its the golden ticket the shopkeeper yelled you found the last golden ticket. Show more Show less
I love this book it's so fun to read
I really liked this book and it made me happy when Charlie and his family finally had some good luck. It also had good lessons and I don't want to be like Verruca!
The book was about a boy who was poor and found a golden ticket and went to Willy Wonkas factory to see how the chocolate bars were made.
Charlie and the chocolate factory was an amazing book, I would recommend this book to any age group because is such a well wrote book and the illustrations are great.
Loved this book
This is a nice book about how a boy called Charlie who was very poor, everyday he walked past the Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory. One day in the news the family found out that Will Wonka had put five golden tickets in five chocolate bar wrappers. Charlie's Birthday was coming up which is the day the family save up to get him one chocolate bar.
Some parts of this book are very funny like the songs, but other bits are very strange. It is a funny book.
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I love the singing in this the funniness of It I love the large vocabulary and the way you can imagine your there and fell as though your there watching the whole adventure
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a great book with lots of imaginary creatures foods and lots of other things it is a great book and I would really recommend it
I loved to read this book. My favourite character is Mr Willy Wonka p.s. he is hilarious.
I think it was a great book because he was a poor boy but an then he found the golden ticket and he got to find out the secrets in the chocolate factory
Charlie starts as a poor boy then he meets the world famous Willy Wonka, who gives him his chocolate factory. They have an amazing adventure and my favourite part is when Violet turns into a blueberry. Show more Show less
In this book, I liked the detailed characters, and Willy Wonka's eccentric traits. I would've liked to know more about how the naughty children were returned to their original state. I didn't really like how there was less description about the families. Overall, it was a great book and I give it 5 stars Show more Show less
It was a good book, very creative. I enjoyed reading it.
I liked Charlie and the Chocolate Factory a lot because it’s very funny and it teaches kids that there are consequences when you do the wrong thing. My favourite character is Charlie because he was the only one who wasn’t naughty. My favourite part was when they all got to live in the chocolate factory. Show more Show less
Book is very intriguing with an interesting plot. Love how most of the kids get into trouble. Can't wait for sequel.
This is about a boy that is very poor and wants to see Wonka’s chocolate factory. Now he has hidden 5 golden tickets inside his delicious chocolate bars. If found you can go see the factory will one of them be Charlie ? Show more Show less
This is a favourite on repeat
Love the book and the movie
This year for book week I am dressing as the Golden Ticket!
page 2-108
A great classic read.
“It was good. My favourite part was when he got the golden ticket.”
A classic tale. Very enjoyable read.
So much surprises in the Chocolate factory. I wish i could go too!!!
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought it was better than the movie and felt like I was actually in the story
Charlie wins a gold ticket and get to go to the factory, which he later gets given by Mr Wonka. I loved the book just as much as the Movie
This book is a great book and has a movie that is the based on it. Roald Dahl made a Incredible book that all kids should read
He wanted to get a golden ticket to go to the factory
Love this book
it is nice how Charlie and 4 others get to go into an amazing chocolate factory
charlie and the chocolate factory is a very good book i like the element of surprise and it is not all just unicorns rainbows and everyone lives happily ever after even though i like unicorns and rainbows life is not always perfect so i like how the main character charlie has a problem that eventualy gets fixed the lesson in this book that the author is trying to tell you is life is not always perfect and when there is a problem that you shouldent get upset. Show more Show less
Kids have to find a golden ticket in a wonka chocolate bar to get a tour of the famous Wonka Candy factory. and there are only five tickets . Once the winners are inside the facory lots of funny and interesting things start to happen. It is a very funny and entertaining book to read. Show more Show less
Really good story. I didn't want the book to finish. Made me want to eat chocolate.
This was my mums favourite book growing up and now it's one of mine. I like reading about all the adventures the kids have in the factory.
This was a good read.This was about how Charlie Bucket got a golden ticket even though his family was poor.Wining the golden ticket Charlie got the opportunity with a life time supply of chocolate
I don't like how this book has characters that are mean and that the Oompa Loompas are not treated very well.
This is a funny, unrealistic and problematic book: just my type! Although it's rather predictable, it's a classic that should be a must-read for everyone.
I liked this book. It was cool
I absolutely loved this book. The original movie inspired me to read it and now i have the roald dahl collection.
This book is totally recommended.
This book is more for the advance reader. My mum had to help me read this book but I still really enjoyed and so did my little brother. Great book to read as family a chapter a night before bed.
An easy and enjoyable read. Fun storyline with hilarious comedy.
charlie and the chocolate factory is a very god book!!!!!!!! it goes to show even the youngest and poorest people can do anything they want with just a little hope.thats what this book is about! want to see more of my reviews just checkout my page. Shylaboo Show more Show less
I like reading this book it is full of adventure and it doesn't matter where you come from if you put your mind to it you can do anything but be careful this story can make you very hungry for chocolate. Show more Show less
Super awesome fun book to read and if you have watched the movie, this is the book
I loved this book as it gave the detail about all the people that get the golden tickets.
I think others should read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because it had great descriptions and was really exciting. The Oompa Loompa songs were very funny!