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By Shaun Tan

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this is a very moving book about a cicada who goes through metamorphosis when in an office building where he is not noticed.
awesome picture book
I found the book depressing but uplifting at the same time. Beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written. It’s a moving story about bullying and racism.
I thought this book was a god book because it was a story of unknown.
This book is heart-warming as well as sad and depressing. Ciada is bullied and teased just because he looks different and Shaun Tan is clever in his words, that he is using a real life scenario but with different characters Show more Show less
I loved this book and Cicadas perseverance.
I thought that when I read this book it was very interesting because it tackles very real issues in a picture book, which is something that is not very common. The way the book was written was very deep and it had a very big, heavy message. Show more Show less
It is very sad and I would not recommend it for 8 and below.
this was a great book but sometimes i got a little confusing but in the end i understood it is one of the best books that i have ever read
A strange book, but it had great meaning. About a Cicada who works in an office but he soon realizes that that was not his destiny.
Not many words and beautiful drawings. So much meaning.
I really loved learning about this book and its features which was very interesting.