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Dear Zoo

By Rod Campbell

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my fave part was when they sent him a dog -Gracie- Mae
I liked about Dear Zoo where the lion was fierce. He got sent back. I liked that part the best because there was a lion and I love lions because they are my favorite animals in the world.
A classic book
A classic book, it has been around for a long time..
We love this book. Especially using our stacking blocks to make it interactive.
My little sister rose loved me reading this book the surprise flaps of the animals are her favourite
I liked reading this to my little sister.
These are the best books I still love these books even though I'm older now
One of our family favourites!
A good old favourite. Still love to share with little friends.
Was a great read and very exciting :)
Great classic! Loved by all
I love this book. My mum said she loved this book when she was little too.
The snake is super scary but I love how the puppy is just the right fit at the end. Paityne
This book has really helped my child learn to read. The repetition is fun.
I love love love this book. Its great for a younger audience. It is lots of fun if you have play animals and use them while reading.
I liked how the zoo keepers used their knowledge to find a pet for the small boy!
Not good
funny and talking about want things he wants and doesn't want but find the perfect pet
I loved this book.
Great little book that my son enjoys reading to his sister
I thought this book was really funny. My favourite part was when the camel showed up grumpy.
Great book for the little people to start on..
This was a gift from my sister who’s children loved this book and now my daughter is loving it. So fun to read.
Great book for young kids & early readers.
This book has been passed down from my eldest to my youngest and remains a favourite in our household. Great for little ones
We love this book
Love this book
I loved reading this book to my little brother. He loved opening all of the flaps to see the animals that were revealed.
My Zia got me this one. It's funny to me.
Great book. Such a good read when u young. Loved reading it when i was in Prep.
An old favourite! Perfect for young children.
Great book for young children
My son loves this book.
I liked being able to guess all the animals from the zoo. I loved the ending.