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Diary of A Wimpy Kid

By Jeff Kinney

Average rating from 26 reviews

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This a very funny and a book I recommend you read it
I love this book
There is a hillariously funny snowball battle in the neighborhood. Gregory’s thought are so funny.
I really liked this book. It was funny and easy to read. The pictures are comical.
This is the first book of a very humours series. It introduced the main characters and the funniness was there.
I've read all the books. Love them. Love the books more than the shows
Loved it. I am really enjoying the series of books from this author. Even got my sister to read them too
Funny and kept me entertained and I wanted to read more.. even with the lights off.
A funny and enjoyable book. This book got me interested in the wimpy kid books. I love them all now .
This was a crazy and funny book
The pictures were lovely and I loved the story line.
very interesting seeing 3 generation of heffley men and rodrick get a job that being a drummer
The book is really good I highly suggest to read it!
BEST BOOK EVER! And its really funny. I KNOW you'll love it!
Really funny and cool pictures
I liked this book because the kid gets bullied then lerns to defend himself. The bully calls him names and pushes him then the kid gets help from an adult. I can relatte to this book.
I love this book, it has funny illustrations and a great plot twist, it has great adjectives that describes Greg Hefflys life and how he feels!
Enjoyable fun book.
I liked this book. It was funny
I love his story and Rodrick is so cool.
It was alright, I enjoyed reading this again ?
I love wimpy kid books.The first one is awesome! I really like that it is a big collection and there are so many books to read. So far I have read 9 of them and I cant wait to read the rest. I hope Jeff Kinney keeps making more and more. My favourite character is the wimpy kid. the end. Show more Show less
It was funny and relatable
Enjoyed this book series

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