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Diary of A Wimpy Kid

By Jeff Kinney

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This series is always coming up with ways to make me laugh!
This is a good book in my opinion. A good adventure book and is a funny book
nice book and funny
nice book but funny
This book is really funny and I recommend this book for children of all ages.
I like the cheese part! good first dairy of a wimpy kid book!
I really like the series
This Book Is A Classic!!! When I Have No Book To Read I Usually Just Grab This Book Out Of The My Shelf At Home And Read It. That's How Much I Love This Book!!!
this book is amazing keep it up
this book is amazing because is I love it
this is deffiatial the best book becuaes it,s just ausome and funny
this is a good book because he has big adventures and he is funny
The book has many details and many funny photes and many pages. Its filled with exsitment
This is really funny and awesome
This is really funny and awesome
Really good book. Easy to relate to. A funny, cool way to read a book.
this book is amazing, it is comedy and funny. It is a great book for 6 and over !!!!!
This is a great book for people who like action and comedy! Its probably best for 8 years and over.
someone who loves funny action this is the one for you
IT has the cheese touch and a good book
this is a funny book
it is funny book because a cool
it is funny and cool and good to read
To me it’s the best because there’s a lot of action
this is a great book love it hard to get the story line I know it does not have one but your next one shounld
This book was very entertaining it had good pictures great for both genders.
funny but need a bit more work bye using adjective and describing more
its a great book. and its very funny I love the stick figures
Very funny nice to read. Bigger writing
gregg is at school and he tries to not go to the camp school trip he gets frew to do all of home work