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Diary of A Wimpy Kid

By Jeff Kinney

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Enthralling and makes you want to keep reading!!
this book is very interesting and funny especially how this boy tried doing all theese things but didn't work's also funny how the boy's brother has a band and named loaded diaper .
I thought this book was good because it was cartoony and long. You get more out of it because you get more into the book. It was fun to read.
This book is very funny and interesting
It’s awesome, I love it, it’s funny and cool.
It's a very funny book, I loved reading Diary of A Wimpy Kid. It's a great book I would recommend this book for kids and teens.
This book was about a boy that kept getting pushed, and he was only starting school. I enjoyed it because it had something in there which I didn’t know about - a word called interactive. I would recommend this book. Show more Show less
I think this book was good because it had lots of funny and cool bits and when it is halloween they get chased by the older teens and the cheese touch
This book was a great read. It had lots of funny characters and scenes that I really enjoyed. It wasn't very long but a good one to just read when you cant find anything else. I would reccomend it to 8 to 13 year olds Show more Show less
Hey Jeff!
Nice book ? I will now turn it into an EmoJi: ?
From Lorenzo

Very good, it leaves you hanging! Huge surprise at the end, but overall very exciting. Would love to go to where Greg went, but only one night. Overall very good!
I love this adventure of Greg Heffley's! His thoughts are always so hilarious and sometimes a bit outrageous. Whenever he has a new dream it's never boring! Like when he thought his life was being documented and when he thought his whole family were actors and even robots! 10/10, loved it! Show more Show less
Greg's naive, no one likable. Greg is so mean the whole time. I do like the start of the book. Rowley is an exception too.
A really good book. HAVE TO READ IT 5 STARS!
This book was really funny, I really enjoyed this book. I was looking forward to reading it and enjoyed it much more than the movie which I watched after reading it.
I really liked this book and definitely recommend it because all the characters are all so funny! All of Jeff Kinney's books are fantastic and I highly recommend all of them but this one is one my favourites! Show more Show less
Great book. Tells a story that has drawn me in again and again. I’ve really enjoyed the series and I’m reading book 6.
This is a crazy, funny and silly book!
A hilarious book from a great author. It’s on my top books list. A must-read for kids 8 and over.
Great Book! Would Recommend To All Ages and Anyone Learning To Write A Diary!
this book was amazing, engaging, halarious and cooky. It is about a boy in high school named Greg Heffely, he does all of these amazing, funny things which will keep you on your feet and wanting to read on. greg is a character who loves video games and hanging out with his best friend rowley. when greg goes to rowley's house they always have a great amount of fun, but thing that bugs greg the most is when rowley keeps saying "do you want to come to my house tp plaaaaay", greg still continues to tell rowley that he wants rowley to call it 'a hang out' because other wise if feels like he is a baby. So i recomend this book to people that are into funny cooky things. Show more Show less
The book 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' is very relaxing after a long day as it has comedy and excitement all the way through the whole book. It a great way to start or end your day!!
I love leave books and it gives me a better idea of what could happen in middle school.
Genre: Pre teen fiction
Main character: Gregg
My fav part: When Gregg and Rowley go to the haunted house and get terrified of the chainsaw man.
Its a very good book, l like it a lot .Not as funny as l thought it would be but want to keep reading them.
This book is so entertaining and reminds me of my family I love it
It was very funny when Rowly had to eat the super old cheese but it was disappointing when Greg had to have the cheese touch
Very funny
I loved this sentence:
"I'd never been on a plane before and I wasn't crazy about locking myself in a metal tube."
it was funny
Really funny, So funny it’s annoying to put it down
It’s very funny and addictive. I enjoyed reading this book.
Greg's life has turned upside down. Read the book to find out how he gets through.
its a good story
This is about a boy called Greg Heffley and how he goes about trying to be well liked. I had lots of fun reading this book and look forward to reading more from the series.
Funny and made me cringe
It’s good. Greg makes me laugh with what happens to him . When Greg knocker Rowley off the Big Wheel was the best part of the book
Diary of a wimpy kid is an amazing book. It makes me laugh and sometimes feel like it is actually happening.
It was really good
This book is so good because it relates to real life and it’s funny. The funniest part of the book for me was about the celebrity home tours.
this book is funny because they can never seem to get there holiday the way they want it to.
This book is so funny it just keeps me laughing
It's funny and silly.
Awesome - Greg Heffley is the main character and in these books he has his life in highschool and there is a bunch of morons that ruin his life ALOT.
This a very funny and a book I recommend you read it
I love this book
There is a hillariously funny snowball battle in the neighborhood. Gregory’s thought are so funny.
I really liked this book. It was funny and easy to read. The pictures are comical.
This is the first book of a very humours series. It introduced the main characters and the funniness was there.
I've read all the books. Love them. Love the books more than the shows
Loved it. I am really enjoying the series of books from this author. Even got my sister to read them too
Funny and kept me entertained and I wanted to read more.. even with the lights off.
A funny and enjoyable book. This book got me interested in the wimpy kid books. I love them all now .
This was a crazy and funny book
The pictures were lovely and I loved the story line.
very interesting seeing 3 generation of heffley men and rodrick get a job that being a drummer
The book is really good I highly suggest to read it!
BEST BOOK EVER! And its really funny. I KNOW you'll love it!
Really funny and cool pictures
I liked this book because the kid gets bullied then lerns to defend himself. The bully calls him names and pushes him then the kid gets help from an adult. I can relatte to this book.
I love this book, it has funny illustrations and a great plot twist, it has great adjectives that describes Greg Hefflys life and how he feels!
Enjoyable fun book.
I liked this book. It was funny
I love his story and Rodrick is so cool.
It was alright, I enjoyed reading this again ?
I love wimpy kid books.The first one is awesome! I really like that it is a big collection and there are so many books to read. So far I have read 9 of them and I cant wait to read the rest. I hope Jeff Kinney keeps making more and more. My favourite character is the wimpy kid. the end. Show more Show less
It was funny and relatable
Enjoyed this book series