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Diary of a Minecraft Enderman- Endermen Rule!

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Such a great book if you love Minecraft
I like this book because I like Enderman. This character is silly and so funny. I really enjoyed this book.
Elliot is a minecraft enderman who has to live by endermen rules. Elliot tries his best to follow the rules but makes lots of mistakes. He has purple eyes and black skin and is very tall, and he can teleport a few metres away.

The book is set in the minecraft universe, some of the story takes place at Elliot's school.

In Endermen Rule! Elliots class gets captured by a giant genetically modified spider called Kong. Elliot drinks a potion and turns into a mutant endermen and teleports to his grandma's house and she gives him some confidence, which helps him to teleport to the caves in the forest biome. He learns how to use hands to help rescue his classmates from giant web cocoons.

I liked reading this story because Kong was just an innocent spider who was genetically modified, she was able to look after her baby spiders, and some of them even volunteered to help out the rangers. I think it was cool that the rangers got to ride giant spiders.

I recommend this book because its really cool and it explains a lot about why endermen don't like water. I didn't know that endermen had to follow specific rules before I read this.
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