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Do Not Open This Book

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My son loved this book and read it multiple times laughing
This book is great! My daughter loves reading this whole series, because they all make her laugh.
We highly recommend the series!
This was a story about a person that didn’t want the reader to turn the page. I liked story because it was funny
I didn't expect him to turn into a frog!
It's very funny.
I love this book. It is so funny. I laugh every time my daddy reads it to me. I have them all.
I like Whiz, he is funny. I like that he gets angry and funny when we turn the page. It makes me laugh. This is my favourite book
It is so funny and it nely hooked me in because I feeled curious on what was going to happen next. My favrite part is the endding because he tornse into a frog.
It’s bad that he lied about the young boy. It’s cool that he said Charlie cause that’s my name.
THIS BOOK IS SO FUNNY! It's to easy for me to read, but I really like it and I think it is so funny and it always makes me laugh.
I've got all the book in this series and I just love reading them all the time.
20 stars!
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This book is so so so funny
it was so funny and so amazing i loved it
This is one of my favourite books, I like to read this book with my mum. I find it funny when the monster yells out “Mum Dad he keeps turning the page you must punish him.”
I also found it funny how he tried to manipulate. Show more Show less
I think it’s a great book it’s Honestly is the greatest book ever and there is more than one book in fact there’s 3 other books and maybe more! You have to read this book!
This book is really funny
This book always makes me laugh. I like the bit with the booger and when he gets angry.
I love this book and the other ones
It's so funny
The only thing I could say was It was amazing
this book is so funny
i like pretending he is real and it is really fun to
i have all the books like this. They are my favrite
100 stars
Do not open this book is funny because at the end of the book Wizz always does something really funny and he try’s to trick me but l don’t get tricked.
This is the best book yet!
This book is very funny. I really like this book. I always keep turning the pages until the end of the book.
This book was good because when i read it to my teacher she said it reminded her of a book from when she was little.
This book is really funny.
I think this book is very funny
I like do not open this book as I find it funny and I like the illustrations.
Funny, Silly, Good for people who like jokes
I love this book it is so funny because when we turn the second page the guy says what the heck you turned the page again.
I really loved the book but I think that it is annoying that he asks you not to turn the page about 20 times
I like this book because it's silly. It tells me not to open the book or turn the pages, but we have to so we can see the end. If I didn't open the book, I would be able to know the story. I like that it was a trick the whole time. My dad reads this book the best and it makes me laugh. Show more Show less
Funny I like it when he says please don’t turn the page
I loved opening the book and turning the pages even if it told me not to.
It has good pictures, I like it because it is funny.
I liked it all. It was funny. It was a little bit easy and a little bit hard to read by myself.
It was a very funny book.
Funny and interesting
Love to read this book.
It funny, makes you smile and laugh.
I can’t wait to turn the next page.
I like it cause it’s very funny and it has a problem and you got to read it to see what the problem will be and there is always really funny problems
This is a very funny book. I can't stop laughing when we read this one!
A really funny and good silly book
Our favourite book to read out loud together - possibly our favourite of all. Highs and lows, twists and turns, PLEASE DONT TURN THE PAGE!!!
I like it because it says do not open this book and he tries to trick us when the book is upside down.
It was funny and fun to read
Monster guy he doesn't want you to turn the pages but I did and then he turns into a Frog. I like this book because it has funny drawings and funny words
I like this book because it's so funny! The person turns into a frog because we kept turning the pages! That's why the book is called "Do Not Open This Book"!
I like this book. At the end, it is funny.
It's a funny silly book. Fun for all ages.
This book and the others in his series, are books I never get sick of. I like to read them over and over and especially like having them read to me. They are always fun.
This is my favourite book as I love the flying car in it. The monster is funny and I love to turn the page to see him turn into a frog!
I like this book. It is very funny.
I like this book because it is funny. The monster in the book tries to make me not turn the page forward. He gets angry and does something different on each page.
It is a funny book because at the end he turns into a frog. I can't wait to read the next book in this series.
Love this book so much fun
This is a great book. Archie & I really enjoy reading it together & putting on funny voices. Every time we debate whether or not we are going to turn the page. It is a really fun read.
This Book is The Best Book because It is a funny Book.
I love this book!
I really like this book because at the end, the goblin turns into a frog.
If you read this book it will make you laugh as it is really funny. It is a good story and good to share with others.
This was very funny
I love this book because it’s so funny
This book is funny!
We kept opening the pages to see what happens.
It was great because he kept telling us to stop turning the pages
It was great because he kept telling to stop toning the pages
My 5 year old loves this book but who wouldnt when the whole point is to not listen? Its easy enough to pick up as we read together.
A very funny and cheeky book!
Love it.
He turns into a frog it's so funny
very funny I liked it
I thought it was a really funny book. Especially the end.
I first read this book at my school - Berinba Public School. My school helper Bed read it to me. Today my Mummy and I bought this book from the bookshop in Canberra. What I love about this book best is that it's so funny and makes me laugh. Show more Show less
I liked this book because the monster kept saying please don't turn the page because a witch said if anyone reached the end of the book she would turn him into a frog.
Really really great book!
Funny, hilarious, every kid should read!
it a funny book
This book is a great book for children of all ages
This series of books are great..
Sometimes trying to get kids away from screens before bed is a battle and these 3 books all by Andy Lee and similar in name will have kids forgetting all about tv and they will be asking you to read them again and again.. Show more Show less
This is my favourite book ! I love when Mum does funny voices when reading this and I laugh every time even though I know what happens :)
This book is so funny!
I loved it
I love this book the most
This is a really good book because it is hilarious. There are two sequels and they are just as funny! I highly recommend. 5 stars!
I like this book and its very funny
Haha really funny book
Great to sit back to listen to this
I think it's funny when the main character gets so cranky. He said that a young boy saw what was on the next page once and it turned his hair white! But that wasn't true.
it is really funny!!!!
A blue alien really doesn't want you to turn the the page as you do he gets angrier everytime he makes excuses for you not to turn the pages when you finish the book he turns into a frog.
I really loved this book and it made me laugh. It was very funny.
Love this book I like to read it over and over and use funny voices when I do
My brother and I thought this one was very funny.
I loved reading this book
So much fun !
I like this book because it is soooo funny. I like hiw he tries to trick us to not turn the pages. It has a funny ending too!
I love this book! It’s so funny and one of my favourites.
Wow - I have never laughed so hard.
I had fun reading this book!
It was an exciting book with all the bright pages and cool pictures!
I love this book because it is hilarious I absolutely recommend and love this book I love how he try’s to stop anyone from reading it.i first read this book in library with my class and it was so funny I recommend this book Litriy to anyone Show more Show less