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Do Not Open This Book Again

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Laughed the whole way through this book!
Love it, it’s funny.
This book makes me laugh and so very happy, I will in courage you so bad to read this book ?
I like reading this book straight after the 1st one , the 1st one is my favourite
My 7 year old has loved reading this series of books over and over again. Lots of fun!
I think all kids need to read this book!!
If you have read number 1, you have to read this one! Its amazing!
This is a great book for parents and children of all ages.
This is one of my favourite books to read!!
Yet another great book by andy
Well done
Son enjoyed it
I like reading this book i always read it and its funny
This book is hilarious - funnier than the 1st one
I love this one! It's So look funny! It says please don't turn the page again, and every time I turn the page, the monster loses an item of clothing, till he has no clothes at all! My favourite part is where he asks for the sunscreen because he is getting burnt because he has no clothes left! Show more Show less
This book is fun and easy to read , it makes me laugh and smile
It is really funny!!!!
I love this book it's very funny
Even better than the original book.
This book is so much fun