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Dog Man

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Dog Man is very funny!
I really enjoy these books very entertaining
I love it when my Dad reads this book.
These are great. I love the coloured comics
DogMan is a hilariously inventive story that is sure to please the whole family. He is a great investigator, a hero, a great friend and will work for bones! Or clay! ?
I think it was great because it was about a cat who always ruins the mayors ideas. This book will make you laugh.
This book is really good. It 's about a dog and man who get glued together. It's a very funny hybrid.
Great plot
This book got 3 stars because the story line wasn’t very exciting, there were no big problems!
Even though this book is short with a lot of pictures, I LOVED it! It was funny and detailed all at once. If you enjoyed Captain Underpants, you will certainly like this. All I can say is GREAT JOB Dave! Show more Show less
Recommended this book easy read
Very silly and very funny. I enjoyed the comic book style very much and the introduction!
Awesome adventure. And very funny.
First time reading a dog man book and I loved it, so I will read the rest of the series.
This book has filled many happy evenings. I enjoyed it's numerous puns and jokes .i like it a lot.
Dog Man inspired me to make comic books of my own.
It was very funny especially the weenie wars.
This is so awesome because it was so cool with all the action.
Great book
It was super funny and I loved the Weenie wars it was so cute.
I recommend it..........

I like dog man books because of all the funny characters and how dog man was made, how he rolls on dead fish and every time chief comes back he jumps on him and does a little dance- and was funny when he weed in his office and ripped up his slippers!! Show more Show less
Good it was funny ?