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Dog Man

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I loved this book because I love graphic novels.
The main character in the story is Dog Man who is half dog, half man. He is a police dog and he tries to stop Petey from taking over the world. The book has four different stories about stopping Petey. I really like it because of how funny it is, how its drawn, and I like the drawing tutorials at the end of the book. Show more Show less
A great book.
This is the first novel William has read completely by himself! Amazing work Wills
I think that everyone should read dog man
This is interesting. I love it alot and this is the second time I have read dog man
A mazing book.
Which I love reading.
Dog Man is a great comic for kids who dont like a lot of words. It has funny pictures and we cant forget the flip o ramas.
It is very good
I really like this book because it's funny, and I also love the Flip-O-Rama. My favorite character is probably Li'l Petey, and I like the idea of a Dog Man movie (I hope one day there will be one!).
It is Riotous, silly fun with soft touch by Underpants creator.
It was the best. The hot dogs made me laugh. Easy to read when you are learning to read. Short sentences. I would read it again
Dog Man is really funny and I love all of the books!
I liked it because it was about dogs and I like dogs
I love reading Dog Man.
The book is funny and I enjoy the stories.
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Dog Man is the story of 2 cops (a dog and a man) who tried to disable a bomb but cut the wrong cord because dogs are colourblind. They went to hospital and the head of the dog and the body of the man were the only savable parts so they attached those two and DOG MAN is born! Show more Show less
I love the dog man book. I think a good book.
I love the dog man.I think it a good book
I love dog man I think it a good book
I love dog man books they are super fun to read
These books are great they are easy for my to read and very funny
I think that dog is a fun and interesting book because there is alot of chaos and drama ??????????????
So much fun to read!
Petey is a evil villain trying to destroy dog man. Will dog man win the fight? Will Petey always be evil? Can dog man’s awesome friends be great sidekicks? Find out in Dog Man. An epic book about a cop dog . Show more Show less
Funny and great to share with family.
I like it because it is funny
Jayson said its a great book!
Patrick says its amazing. one of his favourite books and authors
This is my favourite book. It is very funny and I love the drawings.
Very funny and very silly. Can give kids bad ideas but still funny.
This book was awesome because it was really funny and I liked the characters and how dog man was created. But it sort of skipped some important pieces of information.
this book is about a dude who gets exploded and he gets a a dog face and becomes dog man!!!!
The original Dog Man is a good way to start writing the book review of the Dog Man series. This story is very childish and blends like a chameleon in the Dog Man series, it talks about pees and poos, which is disgusting. I feel bad for Chief Couch. It contains 3% action, 0.04% Suspense, 2% Romance and 94.96% laffs. Show more Show less
It was super fun to read this book and it was fun to have all the comic stuff happening and all the adventure and humour and action.
It was a good book because a dog that's apart of the police stops an evil cat called Petey.
The dog is called Dog Man and he's trainer's body is attached to Dog Man's head
I thought the book was very funny and I liked how it was a comic
Excellent because it was funny!
the best one
I like all of these books they are cool and easy to read
I love the action and the characters
This comic book is very funny and is recommended for children of all ages.
I thought the book was very fun, funny, exciting and i just really enjoyed the book!!!!
It was very funny and crazy. I love reading comic books! Dav Pikley is one of my favourite authors.
Very funny book.
Really entertaining and they are really great books for a child that's in grade 3 my son really love them and he can read them by himself
I like this book because there’s bad guys in it and I like bad guys. I enjoy the flip-o-ramas too.
I think it was a very entertaining book. I like that it is set up as a comic with fantasy story line. And the thing I love about them is that there are animals involved.
I love Dog Man Books. Love the Comics and Flip-o-rama
Good book, interesting!
I love it ??‍♂️??????????????
Dog Man is a graphic novel which the author is pretending to be two kids named gorge and Harold. I liked how it is about a police with a dog head and a kitten named lil Petey [ Petey’s clone is making Petey good instead of evil Show more Show less
Dog man was great because dogman got to chase Petey, and Petey was invisible. Dogman was able to use water to make the invisibility spray wash off. I liked it when Petey zapped no words for books.
Good bokk
I like this Book because its funny.It is about a dog headed cop!!!
I loved it
This book was so funny because the bad guy made an invention which made the whole world dumb and reading what they did was so funny.
This book was really funny because when the bad guy made an invention to make the whole world have no words! Then everyone became dumb and it was so funny to read what they did!
I think this book was creative. And I think that the author had a very imaginative mind.

My favourite part was when Dog Man was the boy cop and dog cop to start with, and they were the worst cops in the world, and then when Pete threw the bomb, the boy cut the green rope and the bomb exploded and they ended up in the hospital and then the man nurse said he had very sad news--that the boy cop's head was dying and the dog cop's body was dying--and then the lady nurse had a good idea and she said, "Why don't we sew the dog cop's head onto the boy cop's body?" And then he became Dog Man.

I would recommend this book to others, and especially my friends.
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Dog man is a really funny book if you like toilet humour
This book was really interesting
Great book!
One of my favorites. I like how Dog Man is a super hero.
i love this book because it is funny and interesting. My favorite part is when the weenies are born.
I loved this book because it is very funny and interesting. my favorite part is when the weenies are born
Itbwas a really good book
Growing up i always tried to find a nice book. when i was 8 years old i found dog man i don't remember having it but when i had read it that was the book
Someone pooped in Chief's office... Dog Man is really funny, it will make you laugh out loud. The origin story of Dog Man.
it is really funny and intresting
Dog Man is about a superhero that is half dog, half man. He tries to catch Petey the evil cat who is trying to take over the world. The story is written uniquely in comic - book form and has amazing illustration. The colourist Jose Garibaldi did a fantastic job. It is the first book of the Dog Man series. It is based on the comics of George Beard and Harold Hutchins, two characters from the Captain Underpants series, from the same author. Show more Show less
Need a hero? Got a villain fighting crime? Leave all that to DOG MAN! He's half man, and half dog; he's a SUPERHERO!!! Dog Man saves his town, and defeates robbers, Mecha Flippy and his sworn enemy... PETEY!!!! Wait, IS Petey Dog Man's sworn enemy? FIND OUT IN DOG MAN!? Show more Show less
I liked how Dog Man was actually a dog's body and person's head. I how there was an evil cat who always got out of cat-jail. I was say that other kids should definitely read this book. It is great.
this is my 2nd favourite dog man book.
A funny comic style book
I love this comic!
Dog man is about a man and a dog but they were blown up in an acident because they cut the wrong wire.
So they were taken to hospital and the doctor put the dogs head on the cops body.
That is how Dog man saves the world. Show more Show less
Very funny and entertaining.
This is a kids book series mainly about a policeman with a dog head and all his crazy adventures. Written and depicted in a fun comic book style, always giving you a laugh. The author is also the creator of Captain Underpants. Show more Show less
Dog Man goes on a cool Adventure Catch-24
Readers of all ages will be giggling from start to finish action-packed.
I love Dog Man
Really, really, really funny.
one day there is a smart dog named Greg and a dumb cop called officer knight then there is a bomb and it blows up officer knights head and Gregs body but a nurse sews Gregs head on to officer knights body and then dog man is born. Show more Show less
Great book!
Easy bedtime reading
I give this book 5 stars. My favourite part of the book was when Dog Mans head got sewn onto cops body because everyone clapped and yelled hooray for Dog man!
Very creative and easy to read. Very funny and entertaining. Has a lot of cool pictures.
It was funny
Dog Man is very funny!
I really enjoy these books very entertaining
I love it when my Dad reads this book.
These are great. I love the coloured comics
DogMan is a hilariously inventive story that is sure to please the whole family. He is a great investigator, a hero, a great friend and will work for bones! Or clay! ?
I think it was great because it was about a cat who always ruins the mayors ideas. This book will make you laugh.
This book is really good. It 's about a dog and man who get glued together. It's a very funny hybrid.
Great plot
This book got 3 stars because the story line wasn’t very exciting, there were no big problems!
Even though this book is short with a lot of pictures, I LOVED it! It was funny and detailed all at once. If you enjoyed Captain Underpants, you will certainly like this. All I can say is GREAT JOB Dave! Show more Show less
Recommended this book easy read
Very silly and very funny. I enjoyed the comic book style very much and the introduction!
Awesome adventure. And very funny.
First time reading a dog man book and I loved it, so I will read the rest of the series.
This book has filled many happy evenings. I enjoyed it's numerous puns and jokes .i like it a lot.
Dog Man inspired me to make comic books of my own.
It was very funny especially the weenie wars.
This is so awesome because it was so cool with all the action.
Great book
It was super funny and I loved the Weenie wars it was so cute.
I recommend it..........

I like dog man books because of all the funny characters and how dog man was made, how he rolls on dead fish and every time chief comes back he jumps on him and does a little dance- and was funny when he weed in his office and ripped up his slippers!! Show more Show less
Good it was funny ?