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Dog man Brawl of the wild

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Really good book for children 5 to15.
It is funny and I enjoyed it, I just wanted to keep reading.
I enjoyed this book because a character from the first book has been reintroduced. He makes evil robots that are crabs. Dog Man is afraid so he takes off the eyes and pincers and turns them into balls. It is funny, it's a comic, lots of colour. Show more Show less
I like reading dog man. He is so funny.
I can't believe in this book, Dog Man went to jail! It ended up someone had stolen a costume.
this book is sad and fun at the same time but it's very nice i like this book because he's a dog headed man and because theirs a little cat called Li'l Petey and good also theirs a bad cat called petey and he hates dog man. Show more Show less
I loved this book, it was very funny.
First when dog man goes in prison because they think he stole money when he didnt the cop and 80-HD saved the day.
I like this book because it's so funny. The little Petey always asks why over and over. I found that very funny. The part where he makes a hole is one of the funniest parts of the book.
The book is amazing ?

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